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John's Journey from Concealing a Receding Hairline to a Fuller Look with a Hair Transplant
John's Journey from Concealing a Receding Hairline to a Fuller Look with a Hair Transplant


Nov 24, 2023

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Este Medical Group

John reveals his successful hair transformation journey with Este in Turkey, and shares astounding results just 6-months after his initial procedure to restore a receding hairline and balding crown caused by male hair loss.

“If you want to do something good for yourself, I recommend Este Medical Group!” says Este hair transplant client John. Book a free hair loss consultation with Este UK to discuss your hair restoration goals today.

How You Can Restore Receding Male Hairline With Hair Transplant Procedure  

Following John's consultation, it was determined that opting for surgical hair grafts would be the most effective way to restore hair along his hairline and over the crown, ensuring a long-lasting and permanent transformation.

Find out why John came to Este Medical for a UK hair loss consultation to fix his receding hairline and hair thinning at the crown of his head. 

“My problem was hair thinning at the front and hair thinning at the crown of my head. I found out about Este Medical Group through a friend who had an Este hair transplant, and I booked a hair loss consultation which was helpful, as everything was explained about what to expect at the Este Turkey hair loss clinic and what to expect from the Este transplant aftercare.
My transplant in Turkey was very easy, and I found the procedure comfortable. Coming back from Turkey to the UK, I continued with Este hair transplant aftercare and I believe that the aftercare 100% helped with the final results (laser hair growth therapy, microneedling and PRP), especially to thicken the hair,” explains Este client John.   

Solutions For A Receding Hairline

Men facing hair thinning or loss upfront have choices — surgical and non-surgical — to establish new hair growth.

Also, the fringe hairstyle is gaining in popularity among men to conceal a receding hairline. Let's explore these options together, empowering you to find the perfect solution for your hair loss and stand tall with confidence.

Disguise a Thinning Hairline: Sport a Stylish, Masculine Fringe

You would be surprised to find out how many men in the UK opt for the fringe hairdo to hide a receding hairline. A fringe is actually ideal for the job, and it can work with straight hair as well as curly or textured hair; it’s a clever way to hide hair loss at the temples too. 

If you are going to go for the fringe-look, the modern way to wear a fringe is just a little way above the eyebrows, so the hair fringe is a bit on the longer side. You can use the length to sweep the hair off to one side or the other. To keep it looking sharp and stylish you should visit the barber every 4 to 6 weeks to keep it tidy and out of your eyes. 

Men sporting a hair fringe often look younger, and the style gives off a softer vibe than a spiky hairstyle. Give it a try! 

Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments to Restore a Thinning Hairline 

Surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments offer effective solutions to restore a thinning or receding hairline for men. 

Non-surgical options like PRF, PRP, and low-level laser light hair regrowth therapy can be beneficial over time, as these hair loss treatments are considered easy to incorporate into a daily routine and deliver proven results. 

Este Medical offers the following non-invasive hair loss treatments for men and women: 

If you would like to book one of our UK hair loss treatments listed above, then send us a message through our website

On the other hand, surgical options such as hair transplants provide a permanent solution with natural-looking results. Este Medical Group offers 5-star hair transplant procedures at our Istanbul hair loss clinic in Turkey.  

Contact Este in the UK to have a free hair transplant consultation and ask about the surgical hair restoration options we have available: 

Having both surgical and non-invasive hair loss options available allow men to choose based on their preferences, level of hair loss, and desired outcomes, providing flexibility and customised solutions for the specific needs of men.

One more thing before you go! We encourage you to try our new, clinically proven Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo created by the founder of Este Medical, Sam Cinkir. 

Este's Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is the ultimate solution for everyone, regardless of gender, offering an at-home hair loss treatment that improves the look of thinning hair and fortifies hair strength with an advanced complex of effective hair loss ingredients including: keratin, Procapil, folic acid, niacin, ginkgo, ginseng, biotin, and provitamin B5. 

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November 24, 2023

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