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Alopecia Treatments at Este Medical UK

Advances in hair loss therapy (i.e., laser therapy, Exciplex light therapy), technology, and surgery (i.e., FUE hair transplant) means retaining the hair you have, regrowing it, and replacing hair is absolutely possible.

"I'm currently receiving alopecia treatment at Este Medical Glasgow and I'm highly satisfied with the results so far. The clinic's environment is comfortable and efficient, and their comprehensive approach to treatment has greatly enhanced my progress.In conclusion, I highly recommend Este Medical for their advanced treatments, superb customer service, and empathetic care." - A.AL (Trustpilot)

Here at Este Medical Group, we've helped hundreds of men and women with different types of alopecia to regrow their hair. Our treatments for alopecia are safe and effective in restoring hair loss. Take a look at our life-changing before and after alopecia photos further down the page.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is an autoimmune condition that causes temporary or permanent hair loss. This condition can happen anywhere on the body, but is most concerning when it attacks your scalp, as balding and patchy hair loss on the head is more difficult to deal with. For instance, alopecia on the scalp can start as small round patches of missing hair, which can appear in a matter of weeks, and grow larger and more visible if not treated.

Alopecia may be one of these types: alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, traction alopecia, or frontal fibrosing alopecia. An Este Medical hair loss consultation will determine which type of alopecia you are experiencing and the most optimal hair loss treatment.

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The Causes & Symptoms of Alopecia

Common factors linked to hair loss caused by alopecia are: ageing, stress, hormone changes, medical conditions, and genetics. Alopecia symptoms may include: 

  • Small bald patches on your head, or your body
  • Losing a large amount of hair in a short period of time
  • Small bald patches start to become larger and more visible 
  • New bald patches start to appear in different areas; meanwhile, hair may return to initial bald patches
  • You experience more hair loss during cold weather episodes
  • You develop brittle, red and pitted nails on your fingers and toes

The only way you can be sure you have hair loss from alopecia is to have a professional consultation with a hair expert. Book an appointment through our website.

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Alopecia Causes

Available Alopecia Treatments

The good news is, even though alopecia causes hair loss, it doesn’t destroy the hair follicles — that means hair follicles have the ability to regrow hair under the right clinical conditions, with the right treatments. Este Medical Group has several effective treatments available for your type of alopecia.   

Treatments and types of alopecia include:

Alopecia areata

Hair loss may occur suddenly and often begins with one or more bald patches that may overlap (e.g., patchy hair loss). This condition causes cells in your immune system to surround and attack your hair follicles. Treatment may include: immunosuppressant medication, steroid creams, tablets, or injections such as Este’s mesotherapy for hair loss, as well Este Medical laser hair growth therapy and Este Exciplex light therapy for alopecia. 

Androgenic alopecia

Also known as male/female pattern hair loss. This type of alopecia condition tends to target the top and front of the scalp. It is a hereditary condition that can also be influenced by hormone levels and ageing. Treatment may include: Minoxidil, PRP mesotherapy, Este Exciplex light therapy, Este Medical laser hair regrowth therapy, and/or a FUE hair transplant.    

Traction alopecia

This type of hair loss is often caused by repeated trauma to hair follicles, or from pulling hair into hairstyles that put tension on the roots. When hair is pulled from the roots to make a hairstyle it can cause permanent damage (e.g., extensions, high ponytails, braids, cornrows). As hair loss may occur around the hairline and temples an Este DHI hair transplantation may be the most appropriate treatment. 

Frontal fibrosing alopecia

This is a rare type of alopecia that causes hair to recede at the front and sides of the head and may also affect the eyebrows. This type of extreme alopecia is most commonly experienced by postmenopausal women, and is not typical for younger females or males. Treatments may include: topical steroids, antibiotics or hormones, Exciplex light therapy, laser hair regrowth therapy, and/or a hair transplant.    

Este Medical Group has several successful hair loss treatments available to effectively address your alopecia. Book a consultation to talk about your expectations and goals.

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Visia Digital Skin Analysis

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