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Harmony ClearLift

Laser Facelift With Harmony XL Pro

Harmony XL Pro is a laser treatment device that rejuvenates your skin from deep within. It offers superb results with minimal downtime and no damage to your skin. Thanks to the fantastic results it offers, Harmony XL Pro is already hugely popular in Hollywood and we see it becoming the next big thing in skin in the UK too.

The Harmony XL Pro laser treatment uses a pixilated skin resurfacing laser to separate light into numerous fractions that penetrate deeply into the skin’s dermis. This means that the skin is rejuvenated below the surface, which in turn means the client endures zero damage to the skin’s surface layer. No redness, no marks – in fact there’s nothing visible that could suggest you’d had a treatment.
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What Conditions Can It Treat?

The Harmony XL Pro machine uses a Pixel-Q Switched laser to split up light energy into numerous parts to target the skin cells at a deep layer in the dermis. Though you won’t be able to see anything, underneath the skin, the process will trigger the skin deep down to produce more collagen. More collagen means skin is lifted and tightened and thus the appearance of fine lines is reduced.

The Harmony XL Pro can help treat problematic areas of the face, neck, décolletage and hands to give an all-over rejuvenation, leaving a smoother, plumper finish. If you are looking to diminish the appearance of fine lines around your eyes, mouth, forehead, and upper cheeks, whilst at the same time boosting your self-confidence, then this treatment could be ideal for you.
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Laser Face Lift with Harmony XL Pro
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Technology We Use

Technology We Use

The Harmony XL Pro specifically targets melanin collection spots under the surface with a narrow band spectrum of light energy. The top layer of your skin is left completely intact and no tissue is destroyed. As the melanin absorbs the energy, the pigmentation is cleared so that you’re left with an even, uniform skin tone.

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