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Stretch Mark Camouflage

What is stretch mark tattoo camouflage?

If you have had previous surgery, been involved in an accident or have stretch marks, we can disguise these with medical camouflage. Although we do endorse being happy in your skin and being proud of your stretch marks, we understand it can affect people's confidence.

The medical camouflage procedure is a form of micropigmentation. Pigments are carefully selected and mixed to match your surrounding skin tone and inserted into the deeper layers of skin using a needling device to correct the colour, making scars or stretch marks appear less visible.

It is worth noting that stretch mark camouflage doesn't always require a colour pigment. There are some techniques that involve using specialised microneedling to stimulate collagen production in the affected areas. This process can help to smooth out the skin's surface and reduce the appearance of stretch marks without the need to add any coloured pigment to the skin.

Please note the aim of this procedure is not to remove any scars or stretch marks but to camouflage them to the skin.

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What kinds of stretch marks or scars can you treat?

It is vitally important that the scars or stretch marks are lighter than the overall skin tone and not raised. The scars or stretch marks need to be “healed” and usually 2 years+ old. Stretch marks and scars cannot be red as this indicates the scar or stretch mark hasn’t fully healed.

If they are red you may benefit from some MCA needling sessions which can gradually lighten or soften the scar/ stretch marks. Some clients may require 2-3 sessions of MCA needling prior to the insertion of pigment which we can advise during your consultation.

An advantage of this treatment is that it is suitable for people who are religious or who do not wish to have tattoos. This is because the technique does not involve creating a traditional tattoo with permanent ink. Instead, the goal is to create the appearance of natural, even skin tone using specially designed pigments or collagen stimulation.
Stretch mark camouflage results

Stretch Mark Camouflage Before & After

Stretch mark camouflage results Stretch mark camouflage before and after Stretch mark camouflage before and after Scar camouflage results Scar camouflage results Stretch Mark Camouflage Before & After

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How does stretch mark tattoo camouflage work?

The process of stretch mark tattoo camouflage typically involves an initial consultation with a trained professional. During this consultation, the individual will discuss their goals and concerns with our therapist, who will then recommend the best course of treatment based on your individual' skin type and other factors.

On your first session we will carefully select skin tone pigments and mix them together using a mixing solution that can prevent colour change. This pigment is then inserted into the skin using a needle device much like what is used for semi-permanent make up application.  A colour match test is performed on a small area to see how the pigment takes in the skin; this can usually take up to 60 days for full healing.

After this time, you will return to the clinic and your first full session will take place. We will mix the selected pigments and proceed with your treatment. You may need 2-3 sessions every 60 days to achieve the full results.

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