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The idea of having a ‘loose vagina’ is unsettling for many females. Having a loose vagina implies that there is something terribly wrong in the nether regions, as well as the idea that a loose vag is bad for sex and should be avoided. A more medically accurate way to describe a loose vagina is vaginal laxity.  

The truth is vaginas are incredibly resilient and strong, they are elastic and are meant to stretch. The walls of the vagina are made of muscle and contain layers of tissue with lots of elastic fibres. All this built-in elasticity allows the vagina to expand and contract during sex and childbirth. Even after vigorous intercourse, or having a baby, the vagina will eventually snap back to its original shape.    

However, with age and with multiple vaginal childbirths, the vagina can stretch or loosen (i.e. become slack or lax). When the vagina doesn’t feel as tight as it should, what we have is referred to as a ‘loose vagina’ — which in the majority of cases is a treatable condition.

Este Medical has a non-surgical treatment for you to try if your vagina feels loose. It is called Emsella, and it will dramatically tighten and strengthen your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor muscles that support your sex organs. Emsella uses electromagnetic energy waves to stimulate the muscles of the nether regions to flex and contract at a rapid rate, this intense loose vagina treatment will rejuvenate your lady parts after only a couple of treatment sessions. After a course of Emsella non-invasive vaginal laxity treatments you will feel more confident and relaxed during intercourse, experience increased sexual pleasure and sensation, and your sex drive will increase.

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What causes: loose vagina?

It’s not much of a mystery what causes a loose vagina (i.e., vaginal laxity). The main reasons a vaginal can feel less tight or loose is from vaginal childbirth, and from the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles weakening with the onset of perimenopause and menopause.

Females are often concerned about having a loose vagina after giving birth. This is completely understandable, as childbirth has a dramatic effect on a woman’s health and physicality (postnatal conditions: hair loss, incontinence, stretch marks…). The more vaginal births a woman has, the more risk there is to the tone and strength of the pelvic floor muscles deteriorating — vaginal laxity can become a concern after having a baby.

Post-childbirth, the best way to help snap that vag back into shape is through pelvic floor muscle stimulation, and the most effective and fast way to do that is by having non-surgical Emsella loose vagina treatment sessions.

Menopause and ageing are often associated with vaginal laxity. As females age, the vagina can become looser, as the pelvic floor muscles and the vaginal walls become weaker due to a decrease in the hormone oestrogen. This essential hormone plays a big role in vaginal fitness, bladder control, and urethra health; oestrogen helps keep the muscles around the vagina and other pelvic organs strong and flexible — less oestrogen causes the pelvic floor muscles to weaken. One of the unfortunate side effects of reduced oestrogen may well be feeling like the vagina is less tight and less flexible.

The good news is that vaginal laxity can be treated — there are exercises, muscle toning treatment, and behavioural therapy to try out that will help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and get back to normal.  

Emsella treatments will improve your quality of life once you take action to focus on your pelvic floor fitness. Book a loose vagina consultation to talk to an Este expert about your treatment expectations and wellness goals.

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Loose Vagina causes & treatment
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Treatment option: loose vagina / vaginal laxity

If you are experiencing what you think is a loose vagina, we recommend you seek treatment to improve the physical health and fitness of your pelvic floor muscles. A proven and effective way to restore tone and strength to the vaginal muscles is by having Emsella electromagnetic energy treatment sessions to stimulate and rejuvenate your pelvic floor.

Loose vagina symptoms may include:

  • Low or poor vaginal resistance
  • Vaginal stretching after childbirth
  • Lack of friction or sensation during intercourse
  • Accidental bladder leakage, urine dribbling

The Emsella chair device targets the pelvic floor and stimulates all the muscles in the lower body with HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy which naturally triggers muscles to rapidly contract and strengthen. Emsella treatments deliver a deep internal workout for the vagina and pelvic floor muscles; one treatment session can deliver the equivalent of 11,000 pelvic floor contractions.

Women love this treatment because it only lasts about 30 minutes; it can be done over a lunch hour, or on a break between appointments. You aren’t required to change into a robe or anything, just sit fully clothed on the Emsella chair device until the session is complete — Emsella sessions are easy and totally pain-free!

Send us a message through our website to book your first Emsella chair treatment. Being proactive about your vaginal health will make a big difference in your sex life and personal wellbeing.  

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