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Dental implant Turkey before and after

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are when a screw-like is placed into your jaw to fill in for your missing tooth/teeth. It is a long-term solution that replaces damaged and missing teeth with artificial-looking implants that function the same as natural teeth and can be a better alternative to dentures and bridgework.

The dental implant will be formed from a titanium screw. This is so that it can fit securely into the root of the tooth it is replacing. The screw will also be fixed to the jawbone, making it secure like natural teeth. Once the implant is placed securely, a crown will then sit on top to look like a natural tooth, and they will be matched in size and colour to the surrounding teeth so that they seamlessly blend into your smile.

The Este Implants Process

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Step 1 – Consultation

Your consultation will be at your nearest local clinic in the UK. We will discuss access to your teeth to see if implants are a viable option for the goal you wish to achieve.

Step 2 – Bespoke Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan will be created for you, where we will discuss when you would be available to fly to Turkey for your teeth implants. We will also discuss your airport transport, hotel stay and transport to and from your appointments.

Step 3 – Travel

You will get ready to fly out to Turkey, where you can sit back and relax. 

Step 4 – Appointments

You will be given the contact details of the team in Turkey who will be taking care of you. They will inform you of all your appointments and ensure you can get there okay.

Step 5 – Travelling Home

Once you have been given the go-ahead from our team in Turkey, you will fly home.

Step 6 – Check-Ups

Once you have landed back in the UK, we will book you for check-ups to ensure you are happy with your treatment and understand your aftercare advice.

Dental Implants Before & After

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