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Point Of Care Private Blood Tests

Este Medical Group has responded to the high demand for private blood testing in the UK by offering private blood tests at our Este Manchester clinic, soon to be followed by all our Este Medical Group clinics, including London, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

Point of care testing (POCT) involves onsite medical testing at the site of client care by specially trained healthcare experts. Este Medical has partnered with PremaLab Diagnostics to offer private POCT blood tests at all our UK clinics. Onsite blood testing at Este Medical clinics has many benefits, including rapid diagnostics results.

We are the first to be able to offer premium onsite point of care blood tests in the UK. Through our PremaLab partnership, we can now offer our Este clients a substantial range of diagnostic blood testing, including men and women’s hormone tests, testing for diabetes, cardiac and inflammatory conditions, plus more.

Please note: this service is currently available at our Manchester clinic only.

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Why should you have POCT private blood tests?  

Point of care blood testing has many advantages as the traditional Medical Care Model of public health pivots to focus on prevention, early detection, and wellness.

As a result, private medical clinic health screenings using blood tests are becoming increasingly popular, and with the latest technology from PremaLab and Este’s onsite resources, our Este UK clients can compile a more accurate picture of their overall health than the NHS can provide.

With immediate onsite blood test results our clients can enhance their wellness and aesthetic goals accordingly; additionally, onsite blood test results provide our Este Medical healthcare experts with pertinent health information to fine-tune and customise hair, body, and skincare treatments.

No waiting days or weeks for your blood work results, with Este Medical and PremaLab Diagnostics you can expect immediate results.

Private Blood Tests
Blood Tests

The benefits of private blood testing  

There are many benefits to having private blood work, here are several advantages to onsite point of care blood testing:

  • Fast results: our Este blood tests take a maximum of 15 minutes with a point of care test
  • Reliable: PremaLab Diagnostics specialise in POCT solutions that deliver quality results
  • No waiting: avoid long NHS wait times to get blood tests and waiting for final results  
  • Convenience: while you wait for test results you can have an Este hair, body or skincare treatment
  • Early diagnosis: immediate insight into health conditions before symptoms or complications develop

If you are interested in UK blood screening tests, and want to know more about the blood draw procedure, then contact us to set up a blood test consultation.

Blood Tests
Blood Tests

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