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Hair Transplant before and after results
Turkey hair transplant package
Hair transplant Turkey package
Hair transplant package Turkey
Hair transplant package Turkey
Gavin Hair Transplant - Este
Dazz Hair Transplant before after images - Este
Hair Transplant Before and after Result
Hair Transplant before and after results
Hair Transplant Before and After
Gavin Hair Transplant - Este
Hair Transplant Before and After
Mikhail's Hair transplant before and after
Hair Transplant Before and After
Arash Naji - Hair transplant
Hair transplant before and after
Hair Transplant Before and After
Seanie Before after images - Este
Bobby Hair Transplant before-after Image - Este
Skin and hair specialists UK Hair Transplant Turkey Award

We are Turkey's #1 Hair Transplant Clinic for 2021  Read more

Steve Cavanagh's Hair transplant story with Este Medical
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Steve Cavanagh before after Hair transplant

We Understand How Hair Works.

Just having a hair transplant doesn't always work. The right aftercare is key!

Looking to restore a full head of thick and healthy hair alongside your confidence? Or maybe you’ve already had a hair transplant and need professional aftercare to achieve the best possible results. Regardless of your hair transplant needs, it’s not by chance Este Medical Group are an award-winning industry leader of hair transplant treatments.  

Our team of expert specialists offer remarkable hair transplant packages, one of which includes the entire Este Medical FUE hair transplant Turkey package experience, including a consultation, surgery in Turkey, and then complete aftercare back.

Our second package is designed specifically for aftercare, ensuring that wherever you’ve had your hair transplant, you too can achieve optimal results – the Este Medical way.

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FUE Hair Transplant Before & After

Our Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey & the UK

Full Turkey Hair Transplant Package

At Este Medical, we pride ourselves on our incredible reputation for providing exceptional results. Our full Turkey hair transplant package includes a comprehensive consultation in the UK where our experienced doctors will assess your needs and expectations in order to determine the best course of action for your treatment. We will then create a personalised treatment plan for you, alongside detailed advice and guidance to make sure you’re fully informed and prepared for your hair transplant journey.  

You will then travel to our state-of-the-art Turkey facility boasting some of the best and most experienced hair transplant doctors in the industry. We will take care of all your travel arrangements including accommodation and transfers on your behalf, including picking you up from the airport and taking you to our facility. Our cutting-edge technology and equipment ensure your FUE hair transplant surgery is safe, comfortable, and highly effective.  

Back in the UK, you will receive exemplary aftercare to yield only the best results from your treatment. Your aftercare will include regular follow ups, and access to a range of aftercare products that can help to speed up your recovery and enhance the quality of your newly transplanted hair.

We also offer treatments such as Laser Hair Regrowth, both before and after the procedure, which stimulates the hair follicles by increasing blood flow to the scalp, and further enhances your hair transplant results.

Aftercare for Those Who've Had a Hair Transplant Elsewhere

Did you know that the success of a hair transplant is significantly influenced by the quality of aftercare received? Without proper post-operative attention, hair grafts may struggle to thrive or firmly establish themselves in the designated areas, leading to less than optimal results. Even if you chose a different clinic for your initial procedure, Este Medical remains dedicated to every patient seeking to rejuvenate their hair.

Our aftercare only packages are designed for those who have had hair transplants elsewhere and want to maximise their results. This offering includes a range of advanced treatments such as laser regrowth, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), mesotherapy, stem cell therapy, exciplex, and other cutting-edge solutions, all of which are integral components of our full Turkey hair transplant package.

We understand that the process of restoring hair is more than just a technical procedure - it's a journey towards renewed confidence. Our aftercare services are designed with this in mind, providing you with complete peace of mind throughout your hair transplant journey.

During this Aftercare Package, you'll visit your nearest Este Medical Group clinic, whether located in the UK or internationally. Here, our expert team will craft a personalised treatment plan tailored to stimulate hair growth post-transplant. In the event that we identify poor scalp health that could compromise the success of aftercare, we may recommend additional measures, including the possibility of another hair transplant to ensure optimal results. 

Back to Work in 1-2 Days

Back to Work in 1-2 Days

24/7 Contact & Aftercare UK

24/7 Contact & Aftercare

Certified Surgeon & Private Clinic

Certified Surgeon & Private Clinic

Free Consultation & Hair Analysis

Consultation & Hair Analysis

Airport-Hotel-Clinic Transfers Arranged

Airport/Hotel/Clinic Transfers Arranged

98% Success Rate!

98% Transplant Success Rate!

Fixed Prices

We offer Fixed Prices on treatments

100% No Pain!

Our treatment is Pain Free!

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We have English speaking staff

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Why do clients have better results with Este Medical Group?

Here at Este, what sets us apart from other clinics is our focus on transparency and providing personalised care and attention to every client. We work closely with each individual to develop a customised treatment plan for our hair transplant packages Turkey that take into account factors such as hair type, hair loss pattern, and desired outcome. This tailored approach ensures that our clients achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results that suit their individual needs and preferences.  

After 5 failed hair transplants from other clinics, one of our clients Asif was finally able to successfully restore a full head of thick and healthy hair when he came to us here at Este Medical for his hair transplant Turkey package. We continue to reinforce our expertise by consistently changing the lives of our clients – learn more about Asif’s story and how we helped him finally achieve his desired results here.  

When you choose Este Medical Group for your hair transplant, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest standard of care and the best possible results. Whether you are struggling with hair loss due to genetics, age, or other factors, we are here to help you achieve the beautifully healthy-looking hair that you deserve.

Asif's 5 Failed Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Chris' Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Martin's Hair transplant story with Este Medical
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Joe's Hair Transplant & Dentistry story with Este
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Sean's Hair Transplant: 2-Year Update with Este Medical
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Sean 2 years post hair transplant - Este Medical
Gary's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Shahab's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Shahab's Hair Transplant
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How did Este Win the Award for the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Out of 3,000 clinics in Turkey, Este Medical was named the best!

Our commitment to excellence in care, service, professionalism, results, and aftercare has earned us this prestigious recognition. Unlike other clinics, we approach FUE hair transplants with a personalised touch, considering each patient's unique hair growth journey.

Precision is paramount when it comes to placing hair follicles into the skin. Our experienced surgeons ensure that the depth is just right, avoiding in-grown hairs and delivering exceptional results. Remember, when you choose us, you are not only investing in treatment but the expertise of our skilled surgeons.

At our leading hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we prioritise quality over quantity. By avoiding overbooked operations, we guarantee that every client receives the time, care, and precision they deserve. Prior to undergoing the transplant, our patients undergo Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy, stimulating blood flow and preparing the roots for optimal hair growth. Post-transplant, we continue to carry out laser hair therapy to further enhance hair growth and maximise your chances of restoring lost hair.

Award Winning Hair Transplant

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