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Laser Hair Removal for Legs

Does laser hair removal work on legs? At Este Medical, we know it does! If you’re thinking about having leg laser hair removal, choose Este Medical and you’ll enjoy impressive results delivered by exceptional staff at a clinic near you.

There are multiple benefits of laser hair removal on legs – from saving money on hair removal products such as razors, wax, and hair removal cream, to saving time and effort. When you choose laser hair removal on legs, you can wear whatever you want – when you want, with zero time wasted worrying about having to get rid of any annoying, unwanted hairs.

At Este Medical we offer full leg laser hair removal, and half leg options – with a choice of single sessions or the option to save money and book a course of six legs laser hair removal treatments. Get gorgeous hair-free legs with long-lasting results when you choose Este Medical for your half or full legs laser hair removal.

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Best Laser Hair Removal for Legs

When it comes to laser hair removal on your legs, we appreciate that each client is different. While one person may want to remove hair from all over their legs, someone else may just want the hair removing from their lower legs. The treatment option you choose is entirely up to you.

For a full leg laser removal treatment, expect the treatment time to last around 30 minutes. A half-leg treatment takes about 15 minutes. With such quick treatment times, it’s easy to fit a laser hair removal session in on your lunch break, or straight after work.

If you’d like to find out more information about our laser hair removal treatments, you can do so here. Prices start from £145 for half leg or £200 for full legs laser hair removal prices. Alternatively, you can book in for a course of six sessions for £700 for half legs and £950 for full legs – which will save you money over booking treatment sessions individually.

Legs Laser Hair Removal
Legs Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal on Legs Worth It?

If you’re looking to simplify your morning routine, and save time, hassle, and effort in the shower then choosing laser hair removal on your legs makes total sense. At Este Medical, we use the most advanced laser hair removal machines in the industry. They are the -

  • Soprano Platinum
  • Soprano Titanium
  • Candela laser

The Soprano Platinum and Titanium lasers use the same three most effective laser wavelengths, but the difference is that the Platinum laser head is smaller. That means the Titanium can cover a larger area, while the Platinum can get into those harder-to-reach areas. The Candela laser, meanwhile, uses two different light wavelengths. The laser that’s used on your legs will depend on your skin tone and hair type and will be discussed with you at your free initial consultation.

Legs Laser Hair Removal
Legs Laser Hair Removal

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