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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Are you suffering from thinning or patchy eyebrows and you want to do something about it? As men and women get older, their eyebrows can thin naturally and also look irregular because of other reasons such as scarring or illness. The look of our eyebrows helps to balance our face and give definition to our eyes. Without them, things don’t look ‘quite right’.

If you’re a person who is concerned about the way you look because of not having the eyebrows you wished you had, our expert surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey can deliver an eyebrow transplant to help even things out. The end result is natural looking eyebrows which look healthy and full whilst helping to create a younger-looking appearance.
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Causes for Eyebrow Loss

There are many different reasons why you might have lost eyebrow hair. Some of the main reasons is due to simply getting older - As we age it is natural for our hair to fall out and it could also be linked with heredity problems as well.  

  • Alopecia & other conditions
  • Stress & hormonal imbalances
  • Scarring, injury or burns
  • Normal aging process
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Whatever your reason, we can help you achieve a natural looking eyebrow hair transplant with great results. You’ll notice the difference immediately and we believe this treatment can have a positive effect both aesthetically and mentally.

Eyebrow Transplant for women

Our Hair Transplant Procedure

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

This is a special process used to grab follicles to relocate to an area of hair loss. Our sapphire FUE technique is done by highly skilled surgeons who use a revolutionary sapphire blade, allowing the opening of V-shaped canals, resulting in smaller incisions and leaving less tissue damage to the skin.  

  • Reduced Pain
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Lower risk of rebleeding
  • Better visible results
  • No noticeable scarring

The channels of the hair follicles can be set much finer with this method, with less bleeding and less scabbing occurring. After collecting and properly storing the grafts, our surgeon then prepares the transplant area with an eye towards artistically placing the grafts in ways that will look and feel natural. One advantage to utilise the FUE method is that it leaves minimal scars and does not leave noticeable linear scars like the FUT technique does.

Are you thinking having a Hair Transplant? You must watch Sam's advice first to achieve the best results

At Este Medical Group, we are passionate about giving you the best hair transplant in Turkey you can get – Which extends past the initial treatment into high-quality, ongoing aftercare in the UK.

Watch this video of Sam Cinkir, Founder & Managing Director of Este Medical Group, explaining how the procedure works and the reasons why we won the award for the 'Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey'.
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Benefits of an Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow restoration is different for each person. While one may have thin eyebrows, another may have no eyebrows altogether. We assess what is needed in each individual case and undergo a delicate and precise procedure performed by our skilled and experienced surgeons.  

  • More natural looking and densely packed hair
  • Implanting the hair in the direction your hair grows
  • Our experienced doctors perform a sapphire blade technique to ensure the best results
  • We do not used a motorised robot FUE, this is too rough and does not yield the best hair transplant results
  • Our FUE technique ensures no obvious scarring
  • A more youthful-looking appearance and confidence-booster!

We will ensure the placement of each hair follicle are angled correctly and look as if they’ve always been there. We’ll determine together the best and most natural-looking brow shapes to balance your face, create symmetry and correct any patchiness in the brows.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow transplant results

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Our Results

At Este Medical Group, we believe our work speaks for itself. Take a look over what we have done for our clients and see what we can do for you.

Had my first laser hair session today at Este Medical in Birmingham with the lovely Rita. I just wanted to say a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Rita who done my treatment. She was so lovely and made me feel ever so comfortable. She explained everything to me clearly and made sure her work was above and beyond. I’ve never been happier and I’m looking forward to my next couple of sessions.It took me a long while to trust someone with my face again as I had laser hair removal done previously from somewhere else and I was left disheartened as I wasted so much time and money and had no results. But with Este medical it’s the complete opposite as they go above and beyond for their clients to make sure they get the results they need. 5 stars is too less for a practice like this. They deserve much more. THANK YOU TO THE ESTE TEAM AT BIRMINGHAM FOR YOUR HELP AND EXCELLENT WORK IN MAKING SURE UR CLIENTS GET THE BEST RESULTS!!

Aisha Begum

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