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What is hip dip filler treatment?

Hip dip filler treatment targets the naturally occurring indentation many people have on the outer side of the top part of the legs, just below the hip bones. Depending on your body type and body weight ratio, large indentation hip dips can be visibly prominent, especially under tight leggings, sheath dresses, pencil skirts, and bodycon outfits. A deep hip dip can disrupt the line of body-hugging clothing, making it awkward to wear popular bodycon fashion brands. The good news is hip dip filler can help to improve the appearance of a lumpy hip dip, and enhance your lower body shape by adding volume in the hip dip indentation area.

‘Violin hips’, or hip dips are typically caused by genetics, pelvis shape, the width of your hips and your fat distribution (e.g., where your body stores fat), which basically determines your body shape around the hips and buttocks. For instance, a higher hip bone can cause muscles and fat in this area of the body to curve inwards, resulting in an exaggerated hip dip on the outer side of the hips below the waist. Discover how hip dip filler can plump out and fill in this unattractive hip indentation to give you a more rounded and curvaceous body shape.

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What is hip dip enhancement?

Because pronounced hip dips are determined mainly by genetics and bone structure, it can be near impossible to get rid of them with diet and exercise. A non-surgical treatment to reshape and fill in your hip dip is with HYAcorp body filler, the same filler that is used to boost a booty (e.g., Brazilian butt lift enhancement).

HYAcorp filler is formulated with premium hyaluronic acid, which when injected into the hip dip adds volume to plump out and correct a lumpy hip shape. HYAcorp hip dip filler was designed for body contouring, and is an effective treatment for butt lifts and hip dips. If your beauty goal is an hour-glass figure, then you should consider having our Este hip dip filler treatment, send us a message to book a body contouring Birmingham treatment.

Hip Dip Filler in Birmingham
Hip Dip Filler

How does hip dip filler work?

Hip dip enhancement filler is a dermal filler that is injected into the hip area to plump out and round the outer sides of the hips where there is a noticeable hip indentation. Our HYAcorp hip dip filler Birmingham treatments will add volume, increase plumpness, and dermal thickness to improve the look and feel of your hip dips.  

A non-surgical hip dip treatment is similar to a butt lift filler treatment; skin-safe HYAcorp hip dip dermal filler is injected into the treatment area to create a smoother, more streamlined silhouette. Este Medical uses HYAcorp hyaluronic acid-based fillers because they are effective at naturally lifting, adding volume, correcting hip dips, and overall improving skin tone with an enhanced fullness. HYAcorp fillers are an exclusive biphasic line of skin-safe biodegradable injectables, made under strict quality control process.

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Hip Dip Filler

Why have hip dip filler treatment?

Hip dip dermal filler treatments are an alternative to surgical procedures that reshape the tummy, buttocks and hip area. A hip dip filler treatment can be for several reasons:

  • Achieve a smooth hour-glass figure
  • Enhance a smaller waist
  • Create better bodycon curves
  • Complement a butt lifting treatment
  • No surgery
  • No general anaesthesia
  • Done in less than an hour
  • Long-lasting non-surgical option
  • Safe and proven treatment

If you want to significantly improve the appearance of your hip dips by adding volume to the sides of your buttocks, without radically changing your food diet or doing more exercise, then a cosmetic hip dip treatment can help you achieve a more smooth silhouette and curvy shape.

Make a Birmingham body shaping appointment to find out about the best hip dip treatment, plus how complementary treatments like Emsculpt, non-surgical bum lift, and CoolTech fat freezing can also help you reshape and enhance your curves!

Hip Dip Filler

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