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Age Spots (also known as sunspots, liver spots and lentigines) are small, flat dark sections on the skin that appear across various parts of the body. The appearance can vary in size and shape, and typically occur in areas that are in direct sunlight.

You can help prevent age spots by regularly using sunscreen and avoiding the sun. Age spots may affect people of all skin types, but they're more common in adults with light skin. Unlike freckles, which are common in children and fade with no sun exposure, age spots don't fade.

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Causes of Age Spots

Age Spots appear due to overactive pigment cells, and UV rays/light speeds up the production of the melanin. Over years after exposure to the sun age spots will appear as melanin becomes produced in high concentration and it becomes clumped together.  

Age Spots can occur all over your body, some of the common places people experience them is:

  • Face  
  • Hands  
  • Arms  
  • Necks  
  • Shoulders
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Age spots before and after treatment

Treatments for Age Spots

At Este Medical Group, we have a few options available to help you achieve an even skin tone. During your consultation with our skin specialists, we can discuss the options available to you.

Visia Digital Skin Analysis

Visia Digital Skin Analysis

When we use the Visia Digital Skin Analysis to assess your skin, we are using a tool that allows us to see deep below the surface layer of your skin and detect a multiple of potential concerns. This advanced technology allows us to pick up on issues such as spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, scars, red areas, porphyrins and more.

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