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Nose Surgery

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty nose surgery can change the size, shape and structure of the nose to beautify, enhance facial symmetry, and alleviate breathing problems. Not everyone is happy with the nose they are born with, or perhaps an accident impacted the nose changing its appearance in an unwanted way — Este Medical offers 5-star rhinoplasty treatments in Turkey if you are depressed and dissatisfied with the shape of your nose, and want to proactively change it for the better. 

Nose plastic surgery can help to correct a crooked angle, reduce a bulbous nasal tip, minimise lumps and bumps, change nostril size, as well as correct minor defects due to injury or congenital malformation. Besides being able to improve the nose cosmetically, rhinoplasty surgery can address several medical conditions associated with the nose, including sleep apnea, sinus issues, and a deviated septum.  

Find out how a rhinoplasty Turkey treatment can correct the look of your nose and improve your quality of life. Message us through our website to arrange an Este rhinoplasty consultation.
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Isabella's Rhinoplasty story with Este Medical
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Annie's Rhinoplasty story with Este Medical
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Nose Job Before & After Results

Sam Rhinoplasty surgery before after

Our Nose Jobs in Turkey

Este Medical Group has a solid reputation performing nose surgeries in Turkey. Our clients trust us, and we have a 5-star Trustpilot rating that supports Este being the best in the business when it comes to aesthetic and cosmetic treatments and surgeries. 

With numerous clinics across the UK, it is easy to find the nearest clinic to you; our Este consultants are available to answer questions about our hair, body, face and skincare treatments and procedures. 

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of our most popular treatments at our Este Medical Turkey clinic in Istanbul. Our experienced surgeons will customise the perfect treatment plan based on your specific needs and aesthetic goals. You can rest assured that your Este UK consultant for rhinoplasty will arrange and coordinate all the important details concerning a nose surgery in Turkey, including your UK rhinoplasty consultation and any necessary pre-treatment, as well as your Istanbul accommodation, travel to Turkey, and any post-surgery aftercare in the UK. 

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Why Should You Have Nose Surgery With Este Medical?

Este Medical is known to have one of the most respected rhinoplasty clinics in Turkey. We have the best plastic surgeons; our Este Turkey surgeons all have a minimum of ten years' experience. Este Medical Group is recognised worldwide for cosmetic and medical expertise, alongside a commitment to excellence and client care. 

If you are looking for the best nose job in Turkey, then Este Medical has the experience and the reputation of being number one! Whether you are interested in a minor reshaping, or a more complex procedure, our surgeons can help you achieve the desired results.

Contact us through our website to schedule a nose surgery consultation — get started on your journey to achieve the perfect nose.

Este Medical Leeds clinic
Annie's Rhinoplasty with Este Medical
Sam Rhinoplasty surgery before after
Sam Rhinoplasty surgery before after
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What To Expect From Rhinoplasty

At Este Medical, we understand that having a nose you love is important to your overall wellbeing and self-esteem. Our team of experienced plastic surgeons in Turkey are dedicated to providing personalised care and the best results for our clients (including minimal to no scarring).

How long rhinoplasty takes to recover from can vary from person to person, and it will be helped along if you follow the aftercare guidelines and directions given to you by your rhinoplasty surgeon. Once your nose has healed, you will be thrilled with how natural your new nose looks!

As every nose is unique, and breathing issues can range from mild to severe, it is strongly recommended to book an Este Medical rhinoplasty and septoplasty consultation to talk about any respiratory health issues and your aesthetic expectations.

Here are some examples of what you can expect, depending on the type of surgery (i.e., open or closed rhinoplasty), and the goals of your rhinoplasty (e.g., cosmetic or therapeutic).

  • Rhinoplasty pre-surgery consultation will determine, for example, the size, shape, and length alterations needed to achieve desired goals.
  • Most patients need not worry about scars from open rhinoplasty; in a closed rhinoplasty procedure incisions are made inside the nose.
  • Typically a nose job surgery takes about around two hours under general anaesthetic.
  • Most clients don’t report high levels of pain; there will be some discomfort post-surgery as the nose settles into shape and normal breathing is reestablished.
  • Some post-operative swelling and bruising is considered normal after rhinoplasty.
  • Initial recovery phase after rhinoplasty can last about 7 to 10 days.
  • Post-surgery it can take about 6 to 8 weeks for nose tissue to weld back together, becoming firm and sturdy.
  • Fully recovering from rhinoplasty can take up to 12 months as the nose settles into its final shape.

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Our Results

At Este Medical Group, we believe our work speaks for itself. Take a look over what we have done for our clients and see what we can do for you.

I recently have had rhinoplasty and I could honestly say it was the best decision ever, I have past complications such as 2 previous rhinos as I broke my nose numerous times, I thought not a lot would be able to be done as of scar tissue and just my nose looking collapsed, I had no height at all to my nose, and I was always upset by this .Luckily I done my research and had the right advice from Este Medical Group staff.

I booked my surgery with Hakan Gence and it was this month, he is absolutely amazing.
I had my consultation and within it I expressed what I wanted obviously it was realistic goals. I was very happy to then wake up to having my nose bridge narrowed as well as my nostrils bought in so it would make my width smaller, my tip also was too fat and not even, lastly having my nose straighten. Even with the swelling I really really liked my nose and as time is going on its looking greater.

Shabana B

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