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What is a Breast Implant?

Augmentation mammoplasty or Breast Implants are often called a “boob job”. This is hands down one of our most sought after surgical procedures. Through surgery we can support your breasts in looking fuller as well as contouring them.

There are many reasons a woman chooses breast implants, and in many cases there is no particular reason other than cosmetic preference. For other women they find pregnancy has reduced the volume of their breasts.

Some women lack asymmetrical breasts and others seek increased self confidence. And ofcourse, genetics often pre-determines breast size too. For women who feel breast enlargement would add to their lives, we love to help and treat each patient as the individual they truly are. We have come across many reasons why women seek breast enlargement and honour them all.

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Why Choose Breast Implants?

Breast Implant surgery with Este Medical Group is a simple process that we have performed countless times to levels of excellence. It is incredibly effective in enhancing confidence and self-esteem as our patients are always pleased with the size, shape and fullness of their breasts post-recovery. Since their body has changed drastically our patients become happier with how they look. We love being able to combine safety and ethics first, with also meeting our patient’s expectations in this way

Breast Implant
Breast Implant

How Does it Work?

  • Your surgeon will use local or General anesthetic, depending on what was mutually agreed to before surgery
  • Your surgeon will prepare your skin then make incisions in less visible areas as would have been previously agreed upon
  • Your breast implant will then be inserted over the chest muscle or under. Sometimes a combination of both will be used
  • The incisions shall be sealed and excess fluid/blood will be drained
  • The process of healing post-surgery is around 8 weeks
Breast Implant
Breast Implant

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