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How Does a Hair Transplant Work? An In-Depth Guide
How does a hair transplant work


Apr 20, 2023

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Este Medical Group

The aim of a hair transplant is to restore hair growth to areas of the scalp with hair loss or no hair. A professional hair transplant at a reputable hair loss treatment clinic can effectively and successfully treat various types of hair loss for both males and females.

However, as people age into their later years, hair loss will naturally continue, and after a hair transplant follow-up treatment may be required — however, if your goal is to hold onto your hair as long as possible, or regrow your hair while time allows, then a hair transplant procedure is something you should strongly consider. 

Our in-depth guide about hair transplants for men and women will help you better understand how a hair transplant works. Also included is information about hair transplant success rates, what makes a hair transplant more successful, and how long do hair transplants last.

How Does Hair Transplant Work? 

A hair transplant relocates healthy hair follicles from one area of the scalp (i.e., the donor site: back or sides of the head ) to the area of concern (i.e., the treatment area: the crown, forehead, temples, middle part…) — essentially, old hair follicles are replaced with new hair follicles so that you are able to grow hair again in the treatment area.

Another way to describe a hair transplant is hair grafting. For example, healthy hair follicles are taken from parts of the scalp with an abundance of hair and then are ‘grafted’ into the treatment area of the scalp.

However you describe it, the process of moving hair follicles from one part of the head to another is hair restoration. And the technology these days is phenomenal; before surgeons would have to move tufts of hair to get results, and the results didn’t always look natural (i.e., the plug method).

The ‘hair plug’ has gone the way of the dinosaurs, and these days skilled and experienced surgeons at top rated clinics use the more popular micro-grafts method to minimise the appearance of transplanted hair on the scalp. For example, the FUE hair transplant method involves transplanting hair follicles manually one by one, for the most natural look and the best long-term results.

FUE hair transplants have a high success rate at around 95% - 100%. This rate works on the basis that a FUE hair transplant is considered successful when anything upwards of 60-70% of hair grafts survive. This is the same for the hair transplant crown area success rate as when 60-70% of grafts survive, the client will still achieve good hair growth and coverage.

If you have more questions about “how do hair transplants work”, then we recommend you book a hair loss UK consultation at an Este Medical clinic near you

In the meantime, find out what types of hair loss men and women can experience. There are some differences between the types of hair loss females and males have. 

Are Hair Transplants Guaranteed To Work?

Unfortunately, hair transplants may not work for everyone. Like regular hair, transplanted or grafted hair will thin over time — that’s just a natural part of ageing. A better question to ask is: Do hair transplants work long term?

Let’s dive into some answers, so you better understand who can benefit the most from a hair transplant.

Who Do Hair Transplants Work Best For?

Both men and women can have hair transplants, let’s be sure to understand there is no shame in restoring your hair volume to boost your self-confidence and enhance your appearance.

Factors most suitable for a hair transplant:  

  • Balding or androgenetic alopecia
  • Hair that is thinning naturally
  • Hair loss due to injury 
  • Hair loss due to surgery procedure
  • Hair damage or traction alopecia
  • People with good hair density

If you are still unsure if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant, then contact us through our website to book a hair analysis with an Este Medical hair loss consultant.

In general, any person undergoing significant hair loss, who has suitable donor area hair, a healthy scalp, and who is in good health, with reasonable expectations, is a good candidate for a hair transplant. Before you embark on a hair transplant in Turkey, it is essential to determine what type of hair loss you have. 

How Long Does A Hair Transplant Last?  

A hair transplant is a permanent procedure. But as mentioned above, like regular hair, transplanted or grafted hair will begin to thin as you age, so as you get older, your hair grafts will also age.

The good news is that even though your hair follicles will thin, they most likely will produce at least some hair for the rest of your life. Healthy hair follicles that are transplanted will follow the natural life cycle of hair; the hair cycle has four stages: growth, transition, rest, and shedding — the whole life cycle lasts a few years for each hair. 

Discover why Este hair transplants are more successful than those at other hair transplant clinics. At Este Medical our hair transplant success rate is high because we take the time to prepare the scalp and hair follicles with platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy or PRP injections, as well as laser hair growth treatments. These treatments are also an essential part of our recommended hair transplant aftercare.

Do Hair Transplants Actually Work?

Yes, they do work very successfully if you have a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, have the transplant at a top rated clinic, follow your surgeon’s aftercare routine, and continue with hair treatments that boost scalp health and stimulate hair regrowth

Do hair transplants work for women?

Yes, hair transplants are for women too! Women can also experience hair loss and struggle to regrow hair, or hide hair loss. Este Medical has hair loss treatments for females including FUE and DHI hair transplants. Take a look at the Este Medical treatment options we have for women with hair loss. 

Micheale's Impressive Hair Transplant Transformation!
Micheale's Impressive Hair Transplant Transformation!

Choose Este Medical for Hair Transplant Surgery!

Este has long established a reputation of being the best at hair transplants, as well as hair growth treatments, restorative scalp and hair loss therapies.

Because of wonderful client feedback and positive online reviews, Este Medical Group has maintained a 5-star Trustpilot rating, as well as won many awards including Turkey's #1 Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplant surgery is an excellent option for people who want to restore hair fullness and their self-confidence. Este Medical offers hair transplants in Turkey as well as hair loss treatments at our Istanbul clinic.

If you would like to find out more about what is involved in having a Turkey hair transplant, then message us through our website to set up a professional hair loss assessment

We look forward to answering your questions about travel to Turkey for a hair transplant, hair transplant cost, and the importance of having pre and post-treatment hair transplant preparation and hair transplant aftercare for the most successful long-term results.

Check out our life-changing hair transplant before and after results!

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April 20, 2023

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