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Hair Loss Shampoo: Discover Este’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo!
Hair Loss Shampoo


Nov 9, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Our new Este Medical hair loss treatment shampoo is now available!

This advanced haircare shampoo for hair loss was developed by Sam Cinkir, the founder and CEO of Este Medical Group.  

Sam Cinkir's two decades of hands-on experience in the hair transplant and hair regrowth profession have equipped him with the knowledge and practical expertise needed to create a clinically proven anti-hair loss shampoo.

"Throughout my career in hair care and hair restoration, I noticed the absence of top-quality, effective at-home products for hair loss and maintaining healthy hair between professional in-clinic treatments. That's why I developed Este Medical Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo," explains Sam Cinkir of Este Medical Group.

Are you experiencing male or female hair loss, or looking to prevent future hair loss as you get older? Order Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo directly from Este Medical (send shampoo request here), or find an Este hair loss clinic near you to discuss your hair loss treatment options.     

Discover The Best Hair Restoration Shampoo! 

Este Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is an advanced complex of clinically proven ingredients including: keratin, Procapil, folic acid, ginseng, biotin, niacin, ginkgo, and provitamin B5.

Benefits of Sam Cinkir’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo:

  • Ingredients contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair and increases healthy blood flow to the scalp
  • Contains Procapil, a botanical-based ingredient that combats the hair follicle ageing process to prevent hair loss and increases hair growth
  • Contains keratin, a natural protein that repairs hair by increasing hair elasticity and strength
  • Contains folic acid, the natural form of vitamin B9, it stimulates the hair growth cycle and boosts healthy blood flow to the scalp 
  • Effective as an anti-thinning shampoo
  • Paraben and sulphate free
  • Can be used on a regular basis
  • Clinically proven hair loss treatment
  • Hair loss shampoo suitable for all hair types, ideal pH balance of 5.5
  • Appropriate shampoo treatment for young adults and older individuals experiencing mild to more dramatic hair loss 
  • Ideal for at-home use alongside regular Este Medical hair loss treatments like PRP, PRF, laser light hair regrowth therapy, and as a part of hair transplant aftercare 

Book a free Este Medical hair loss consultation to talk with a hair loss expert about how using Este’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo at home works wonders in combination with Este hair loss treatments like PRP and PRF, as well as laser hair growth therapy

Not only does Este hair loss shampoo and our professional hair loss treatments help restore hair, they are also preventative. If you are concerned about future hair loss you should be consulting with an Este hair care expert now.  

Here’s Why You Should Try Este Medical’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

When it comes to tackling hair loss and nurturing your hair's health, the Este Medical Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is a fantastic choice. Not only is this hair loss shampoo gentle on your scalp, thanks to its natural ingredients, it's also a proven solution to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

Consistent use yields visible results, meaning you can look forward to thicker, healthier hair. It's a practical choice that can help you regain your confidence and enjoy the benefits of revitalised, beautiful hair.

3 Reasons To Try Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo By Este Medical 

  1. Effective at reducing hair loss and promoting natural hair growth
  2. High-quality natural ingredients, gentle on the scalp while controlling hair loss
  3. Visible results with consistent use, expect thicker healthier hair

All amazing reasons to consider Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo the best shampoo for hair loss! As an anti hair thinning shampoo with clinical proof, you need to give it a try! Contact Este Medical in the UK to arrange purchase

Message Este To Talk About How Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Can Help You 

When it comes to hair loss, speaking to an expert is the best first step. Here are a couple of ways to get the conversation started with an Este hair loss expert: 

  • Hair loss shampoo for men question: What are the proven results I can expect from a hair loss shampoo that targets hair thinning?
  • Hair loss shampoo for women question: What benefits can I expect from using an anti hair loss shampoo, especially considering my age? How can it help me maintain healthier hair combined with professional hair loss treatments?  

What are your questions about our hair loss shampoo? Send us a message through our website to arrange a free UK hair loss consultation with Este Medical. 

Have Thicker, Fuller Hair! Experience the Confidence-Boosting Power of Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Este Medical Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo offers a rewarding solution for individuals dealing with hair loss

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo by Este has been clinically proven, making it a trustworthy option for men and women seeking to combat hair loss and boost the overall health of their hair. By choosing Este Medical Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, individuals can take a proactive step towards thicker hair and a renewed sense of confidence.

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November 9, 2023

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