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We are Turkey's #1 Hair Transplant Clinic for 2021  Read more

Are you thinking of having a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Watch the video below and listen to Sam's expert advice to find out how we achieve the best results during our Turkey Hair Transplant procedure.

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Why Choose Este Medical Group for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Carried out at our award-winning, state-of-the-art surgical facility in Istanbul, your Hair Transplant in Turkey is handled with special care and experience to ensure the best results are achieved.

Este Medical Group has 11 clinics worldwide and we offer initial consultations, pre-treatment care and aftercare inside our UK and international clinics. One of the many benefits of choosing Este Medical Group for your hair transplant Turkey procedure is that we work closely with the Turkish team so, patients can expect the quality of service experienced in the UK will be replicated at our hair transplant clinic.

Consultation & Pre-Treatment in the UK
Transplant Surgery in Turkey
Aftercare & Check-Ups in the UK

Managing Director, Sam Cinkir, joined Este Medical in Turkey in 2012 and opened the first UK-based branch in 2015. From then on, the team have been transforming patients lives with the revolutionary FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure. Our aim is your aim, with the most advanced technologies we can guarantee the best hair growth results – See for yourself at our hair transplant before and after images below.

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Back to Work in 1-2 Days

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24/7 Contact & Aftercare UK

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Certified Surgeon & Private Clinic

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Consultation & Hair Analysis

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Airport/Hotel/Clinic Transfers Arranged

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98% Transplant Success Rate!

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We offer Fixed Prices on treatments

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Our treatment is 100% Pain Free!

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How Does a Hair Transplant Procedure Work?

Este Medical Group are always dedicated to providing the best quality treatments that produce long-lasting results. Therefore, we have invested in the Sapphire Hair Transplant technique. Being a highly effective and minimally invasive surgical procedure, this method utilises a new medical device to provide the best FUE hair transplant results.

This is a unique process used to grab hair follicles to relocate to an area of hair loss. The sapphire FUE hair transplant uses a V-shaped sapphire blade as opposed to the original U-shaped edge, allowing the opening of V-shaped canals across the scalp, resulting in smaller incisions and leaving minor tissue damage to the skin.

The channels of the hair follicles can be set much finer with this method, with minor bleeding and less scabbing occurring. After collecting and safely storing the grafts, our surgeon then prepares the transplant area to artistically place the grafts in ways that will look and feel natural. One advantage to utilising the FUE method is that it leaves minimal scars and does not leave noticeable linear scars as the FUT technique does.
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Chris' Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Chris' story
Asif's 5 Failed Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Asif's story
Paul's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Paul''s story
Baz's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Baz's story
Aslam's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Aslam's story
Paul's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Paul's story
Aswad's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Aswad's story
Loucas' Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Loucas' story
Loucas FUE Hair Transplant Story - Este Medical
Craig's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Craig's story
Craig FUE Hair Transplant Story - Este Medical
Micheale's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Micheale's story

Your Hair Transplant Journey

Our team will gather information about your hair loss and desired results during your consultation at our local Este Medical branch. We will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
Once in Turkey, our team will ensure that you have easy transportation to and from all of your appointments. After your transplant is complete, you will fly back to the UK and have follow-up appointments and aftercare administered at our local branch. Our team will assist and aid in your hair growth journey every step of the way.
At Este Medical, we understand that a hair transplant can be a big decision. That's why we strive to provide exceptional consultation and aftercare services to ensure the best possible results for our patients. If you're interested in learning more about hair transplants and how we can help, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule a consultation at your local Este Medical branch. We look forward to helping you achieve your hair goals.
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FUE Hair Transplant Before & After

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I am really pleased with level of good service at Este medical. The staff are very friendly always willing to help. Very very professional service. Thank you very much Umer and Bobby keep up the good work

Satvinder Singh

Review Stars

I have had several different treatments from Este medical in Birmingham to all which have been to a very high standard. The staff are very friendly, the treatments have given such amazing results. I highly recommend this clinic.

Rachana Sansoa

Review Stars

I had my hair transplant with  Este medical group 1 year ago following a recommendation. I am really delighted with my results!
I visited pretty much every clinic in the UK and I found them the most caring, they were extremely helpful dealing with all my questions. I can assure you there were hundreds of questions. This enabled me to make the right decision...
Read more

Andrew Hart

Review Stars

Having been to a couple companies in Birmingham regarding hair transplants, Este Medical definitely stood out. The laser which promotes hair growth and makes the scalp healthier is just the start, they made the entire process easy and painless which made me feel completely at ease...
Read more

Gurdeep Blaggan

Review Stars

I have completed my full body laser hair removal with Este medical in birmingham and i would like to share my experience.
I suffer with Polycystic ovary syndrome ( pcos ) due to this i have so much facial and body hairs. I am 33 years old so i have been having ipl and laser hair removal since the age of 17, i wouldnt want to think how much money i have spend...
Read more

Shellz Rahman

Review Stars

How did Este Win the Award for the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Out of 3,000 clinics in Turkey, Este Medical was named the best!

We won the award over everyone else due to our high quality of care, service, professionalism, results, and aftercare. The way we do FUE hair transplants is different from other clinics; we are not a factory and take each patient's individual hair growth journey into careful consideration.

A good doctor is essential. When a hair follicle is placed into the skin, it must be precise. If it is too deep, it will not break the skin, causing in-grown hairs. You are not just paying for treatment. You are paying for the experience of the surgeon.  

Our leading hair transplant clinic in Turkey do not overbook hair transplant operations as we want each client to get the right time spent on the care and precision by our surgeon. Before arriving in Turkey for your hair transplant, patients undergo Laser Hair Therapy to stimulate the blood flow and prepare the roots for the best chance of growing hair after the transplant. We also carry out laser hair therapy after the hair transplant also to stimulate hair growth, maximising the chances of restoring your loss of hair.

Award Winning Hair Transplant

Aftercare Experts

At Este Medical, your hair regrowth journey doesn't end after your transplant; our aftercare experts will keep in touch and book regular appointments to assess your hair progress and encourage further and healthier growth.

We also offer additional treatments, such as laser hair regrowth which can improve blood flow to the transplanted area and encourages the growth of healthy, strong hair follicles.

Our Aftercare Experts will work with you to create a personalised plan for continued hair growth and maintenance. Thank you for trusting Este Medical for your hair transplant journey. We are committed to providing exceptional care and support at every step.
Aftercare Tips

Following your hair transplant, keeping the area clean and free of dirt and debris is important. Our team will provide detailed instructions on properly and carefully washing and caring for your scalp during the healing process to encourage the best results.

We also recommend avoiding strenuous exercise and direct sunlight for a period of time, as well as abstaining from alcohol and smoking, to aid in the healing process

Baz's Hair Transplant story with Este Medical
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Watch Baz's story

A Passion to
Exceed Client Satisfaction

At Este Medical Group, we are passionate about giving you the best hair transplant in Turkey you can get – Which extends past the initial treatment into high-quality, ongoing aftercare in the UK.

"Think of it like planting a seed in the ground. If the soil is terrible, the seed won't grow. Before hair transplantation surgery, we ensure the blood underneath the scalp is stimulated using laser hair therapy.
Most of these other clinics just want you in and out and don't care if you didn't get the expected results. They did what you paid for: a hair transplant but didn't make sure your scalp was ready. This is why Este are different. We carry out pre-laser treatment and post-aftercare in the UK and treat the minimum number of patients a year to ensure quality over quantity
" - Sam Cinkir, CEO & Managing Director.

Our Award-Winning Worldwide Clinics

Este Medical Leeds clinic Our Award-Winning Worldwide Clinics - Este Medical GroupEste Medical London clinicOur Award-Winning Worldwide Clinics - Este Medical GroupOur Award-Winning Worldwide Clinics - Este Medical GroupEste Medical Manchester clinicOur Award-Winning Worldwide Clinics - Este Medical GroupOur Award-Winning Worldwide Clinics - Este Medical GroupOur Award-Winning Worldwide Clinics - Este Medical Group

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