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Acne/Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring – What You Need To Know

When it comes to acne and acne scarring, everybody is unique and experience it in different ways, from mild acne to severe acne. That’s why, at Este Medical Group, we consult each individual and get to know their own story. We offer acne and acne scar treatments to leave you with the clear-looking, glowing skin you’ve always wanted.  

At Este Medical Group, we have a huge amount of experience dealing with both men and women who are suffering with acne and offer a variety of different treatments to help; from laser treatment, to skin peels – During your consultation we’ll discuss everything you need to know. Turn your skin’s appearance and self-confidence around with our help.
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Types of Acne

What are the types of Acne Scarring?

Types of Acne

Ice Pick Scars


Ice pick acne scars are often narrow, but ‘dig’ deep – usually reaching past the top levels of the skin’s surface. This type of scarring is one of the most common types, along with Boxed scarring.

Rolling Scars


Rolling scarring causes the skin to have an undulating appearance. This is due to damage beneath the skin’s surface. Rolling scars are usually shallow but wide.

Boxed Scars


Similar to ice pick scarring in the fact that they are also common, these scars are wider and feature well-defined edges. They appear more oval in shape.

Anmol's Acne story with Este Medical
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Adam's Acne story with Este Medical
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Treatments Available

What treatments are available for Acne?

At Este Medical, we offer a range of expert quality, proven acne treatments for a variety of acne conditions. These include:

Dermulux LED ™ Light Therapy


If you have active acne, you’ll know how hard it is to get rid of. You think you’ve just managed to clear one breakout when another one magically appears. Then Dermalux LED Therapy may be the right treatment for you. The treatment is based on Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and targets the bacteria that causes skin breakouts. By killing the bacteria that is responsible for issues such as acne, your skin is given a chance to clear and heal itself.

Skin Peels


Skin peels can be effective in the treatment of both acne and acne scarring and at Este Medical we provide a selection of skin peels for different skin types, tones, and to target different conditions. Skin peels work to safely resurface the skin and encourage cells to regenerate. We recommend skin peels for both mild to moderate acne and also to help tackle long-lasting acne scarring.

Pixel Laser Resurfacing


If you want an acne treatment that can truly focus on just the acne scars, why not consider pixel laser resurfacing? This treatment is ideal for acne scars as it promotes collagen production below the skin to work towards filling in any depressions caused by acne scarring. It targets the acne scars and does not affect the surrounding skin.

Your Este Medical skincare specialist will be able to advise you as to which acne treatment will be best for you. We understand that acne is often much more than just a skin problem, as the surrounding psychological factors that come into play when a person is dealing with acne can often become just as big – if not bigger – than the actual acne itself.

Este Medical’s Director Sam went through this himself so understands how low it can make you feel. If you’re looking to change things and get help with your acne or acne scarring, get in touch with us today and begin your skin and confidence transformation.

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