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Lee Hosking's Turkey Transplant: The Transformative Impact of Beard Transplant & Hairline Lowering
Lee Hosking's Turkey Transplant: The Transformative Impact of Beard Transplant & Hairline Lowering


Feb 22, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Entrepreneur and businessman, Lee ‘HOSK’ Hosking, radiantes confidence and strength! Hosk shares his successful hair and beard transplant with Este Medical.

Find out why Lee decided to sort out his facial hair with a beard transplant and hair grafting for his hairline

How Outstanding Referrals Led Lee to Choose Este Medical Group!

“A couple of my friends had been to Este Medical before, gone off to Turkey for hair transplants, and I had seen for myself they all had really good results. I spoke to Este’s CEO Sam Cinkir on the phone about what to expect from having an Este hair transplant and he gave me all the information I needed. I booked my hair transplant to Turkey three days after that conversation, and off I went to Este Turkey!” reveals Lee. 

Even though Lee's trip to Turkey for hair transplant surgery was spontaneous, he took the time to check out how well Este does with hair treatments. He also had a hair loss consultation to learn more about getting a beard and hair transplant in Turkey, along with the proper transplant aftercare needed afterward. 

If you are considering having a beard or hair transplant, then we recommend you contact Este Medical to book a hair restoration consultation. This is the best way to start your journey to Turkey! 

Can I Get A Beard Transplant In Turkey Like Lee? 

Yes, you can! You can have hair grafting to correct a receding hairline, also called forehead reduction. There are hair grafting treatments to fix thinning hair, low hair density, loss of hair at the temples, bald patches, as well as improve the look of a patchy beard. 

The reason Lee looked into having a facial hair transplant was he was concerned with how low his beard was on his face, and he wanted it to be fuller and cover more of his lower face.

“I found my beard too low on my face, and the hair growth was patchy, I always wanted a fuller looking beard. That along with the fact my hairline was receding as I got older, I decided it was time to do something about it,” says Este client Lee. 
Lee beard and Hair Transplant Before and After

One thing is for sure, Lee looks amazing with his fuller beard and lower hairline. In just 6-months his hair growth is remarkable. Lee feels strongly that having the Este Medical recommended hair transplant aftercare treatments of PRP injections and laser hair therapy made a big difference in the success of his hair transplant procedure. 

Lee is not the only man to experience an Este Medical beard transplant in Turkey

Choose Este Medical For Your Amazing Transformation! 

A big thanks to Lee for sharing his transformation story so other men are aware of the possibilities when it comes to restoring their hair loss or changing their appearance for the better. 

Este Medical’s hair loss treatments and aftercare not only change people’s outward appearance but also empower men and women to have more confidence in their lives. Este hair restoration treatments have an amazing positive impact. 

Contact Este Medical and arrange a free hair loss consultation. This is your opportunity to transform yourself with the leading hair loss provider globally!

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February 22, 2024

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