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No Beard To Full Beard: Leeds Man Has Successful Beard Transplant
No Beard To Full Beard: Leeds Man Has Successful Beard Transplant - Este


Apr 20, 2023

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Our Este Medical Leeds client Shafaq now has a handsome full beard after a beard transplant in Turkey!

The success of Shafaq’s beard transplant is incredible — you would never guess he has had a facial hair transplant procedure.

Take a look at the amazing beard transplant before-and-after photos. Find out why Shafaq came to our Este clinic in Leeds for a beard growth consultation. 

Beard Hair Transplant Before and After
Beard Hair Transplant Before and After

Why Do Men Want A Beard Transplant?

In Shafaq’s case, he wanted a full beard since he was a young teen. From the beard transplant before photos, you can see that he was struggling to grow beard hair on the sides of his cheeks above the jawline. 

“It was always a dream of mine to have a full beard, since a young age. Now that I have a full beard I feel more confident, and I feel more mature — I feel good!” says Shafaq. 
Beard Transplant before and after

Shafaq shares his beard growth frustrations, and how he discovered Este Medical:

“I just wasn’t able to grow a full beard, I had tried everything from herbal treatments to dermal rollers, and nothing was working. At that point, I made up my mind to have a beard transplant. I found Este Medical on social media, and also did some background research on Google as well. I looked at the beard transplant before and after photos, and that made me feel very comfortable. I had a beard transplant consultation at Este Medical in Leeds, and the team went through everything I needed to know about the procedure.” 

Once Shafaq decided to go forward with a beard transplant the Este Leeds team briefed him on the whole procedure from start to finish, so he knew exactly what to expect, as well as sorted out his travel, hotel, and clinic schedule for his beard transplant in Istanbul, Turkey.

Should I Get A Beard Transplant?

There are many reasons why males choose to get beard transplants. Many men just have patchy or inconsistent hair growth on the face, so growing a thick, full beard is almost impossible.

For some men it is all about grooming goals and current styling trends, for others it might be to feel more confident and look more mature. For some men they just feel more confident and attractive with facial hair.

Whatever your motivation, Este Medical will support your reason to have a beard transplant, and help you along on your journey to conquer hair loss and poor hair growthwe are here for you!

We recommend you book a beard transplant UK consultation to get started on your journey to Turkey for a hair growth treatment or hair transplant.

How Does A Beard Transplant Work?

A beard transplant is very similar to a normal hair transplant.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is one of our most popular hair treatments with men because it delivers permanent results and is consistently successful. Basically, a facial hair FUE treatment will boost hair growth by replacing old follicles with new follicles that are able to grow hair on your face.

Viable hair follicles are taken from a stable zone (i.e., the donor site) on your body (e.g., back or sides of the head) and then transplanted to the treatment area you wish to improve with new hair growth (e.g., upper lip, cheeks, lower jawline…). If you are bald or balding, another donor site like the chest may be able to provide hair for transplanting. This treatment involves minimally invasive surgery with no downtime.

Este Medical uses the Sapphire Hair Transplant technique. With this method the hair follicles can be set much finer and naturally. In just 5 months clients experience visible hair growth (i.e., on average 50% hair growth). And within one year most beard transplant recipients will experience up to 100% hair growth.

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April 20, 2023

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