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Carl Achieves Outstanding Beard Growth Only 4 Months After Beard Transplant
Beard Hair Transplant 4 Months After


Jan 9, 2024

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Este Medical Group

You might be surprised to find out that having a beard hair transplant is just as possible as having a FUE hair transplant.

Take a look at our client Carl just 4 months after having a Turkey beard transplant procedure at the Este Medical hair loss clinic in Istanbul.  

Discover the Possibility: A Beard Transplant for Men

When Carl came to Este Medical Group for help, he faced a common challenge many men have — achieving thick, well-rounded beard growth around the face. In Carl’s case, he lacked the desired hair growth on his jawline and cheeks. 

In order to reach Carl’s beard grooming goals, he opted for a strategic approach, choosing facial hair grafting as the definitive, long-lasting solution to finally grow the full beard he wanted. 

As mentioned, having a beard hair graft treatment is similar to hair grafting on the scalp. Just like with a FUE treatment, a beard hair procedure transplants healthy hair follicles from the sides or back of the head to the face area where beard growth is desired. 

It is possible to go from no beard to full beard with a facial hair transplant! Here’s another male beard transplant Este Medical client who had a successful beard transplant in Turkey: Leeds Man Has Successful Beard Transplant! 

Check back for an update on Carl’s beard regrowth with our Este Latest News!  

How To Boost Success Of Beard Transplant 

Hair transplants and beard transplants have a high success rate, especially when there is pre and post-hair transplant preparation. Este Medical knows that taking a holistic approach to hair grafting makes all the difference

In Carl’s case he had PRP hair injection therapy to improve blood circulation to the hair follicles and stimulate growth factors to trigger a more robust hair growth cycle and stronger and thicker hair regrowth. 

PRP injections as well as PRF hair injections are ideal to have before and after a hair grafting procedure. Este Medical also recommends PRF and PRP hair therapy is combined with laser light hair regrowth therapy

Would you like to enhance the thickness and reach of your beard? Book an Este Medical beard hair transplant consultation today! 

Why Have A Beard Transplant In Turkey?

Discover the secret to Este's superior hair and beard transplants in Turkey. Our transplant success lies in the distinctive Este Medical Group holistic method, focusing on optimal hair follicle health and robustness.

From exceptional pre-transplant preparation to unparalleled post-transplant aftercare, experience the benefits of the Este Medical Group approach.

Beard Transplant before and after results

Have An Este Medical Beard Transplant To Empower New Confidence! 

Facial hair on men remains a timeless element in fashion and grooming. From classic short beards to full-on lumberjack beards, facial hair is more stylish than ever! As beard trends evolve, keeping up with beard fashion means having the ability to grow facial hair fully and consistently. 

Additionally, men grow beards for facial aesthetic reasons, using facial hair to hide a small chin or highlighting certain facial features — beards work like magic to conceal or enhance male facial features. 

Having a beard transplant has a wonderful effect on self-esteem and renewing confidence. Hair transplants for men are empowering and life changing! Contact Este Medical to share your hair growth goals for your head and face, and put your best face forward this new year.

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January 9, 2024

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