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How Many PRP Sessions Are Needed For Hair Growth? & How Often?
How Many PRP Sessions Are Needed For Hair Growth? & How Often?


Sep 28, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Why is PRP so popular for hair loss and hair regrowth?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair treatments are popular because they produce significant hair growth results.

Numerous clinical studies show that PRP hair injections are effective in treating individuals with hair loss from alopecia — PRP hair therapy helps to natural thickening and strengthen the hair and boosts blood circulation for a healthier scalp and more robust hair follicles. 

How Many PRP Sessions?

A typical PRP session schedule is 6 sessions about 4 weeks apart.

Brukey Says Este Medical Saved His Hair!

Who is PRP hair loss therapy for? 

Platelet-rich plasma hair treatments are for men and women who are experiencing varying degrees and different types of hair loss, and individuals who prefer to have a non-surgical hair loss treatment.  

If you are not sure what type of hair loss you are experiencing, then we recommend you book a hair loss consultation at an Este Medical clinic near you.  

Saadiya Rahman Shares Her Postpartum Hair Loss PRP Journey

After having a baby, our client had extreme hair loss (i.e., postnatal hair loss). After an Este consultation she started customised PRP mesotherapy treatments for about 4 months. Find out why she chose Este Medical Group.

Can you combine PRP injections with other hair restoration treatments? 

Yes, you can combine PRP with laser light hair regrowth treatments. Having laser hair therapy with mesotherapy hair treatments is an excellent way to boost blood circulation to the scalp, which will stimulate cell growth and nurture hair follicles with increased oxygen and growth factors (i.e., platelet-rich plasma). This is an ideal treatment for someone looking for a non-surgical option to hair growth. 

For those men and women who have decided to have an Este Turkey hair transplant, we highly recommend having PRP hair injections and laser light hair therapy before and after hair graft surgery. Combining PRP and laser therapy with a hair transplant will increase the overall success rate of the procedure.  

PRP hair injections stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase. Platelet-rich microinjections combined with mesotherapy for hair is a very efficient technique for slowing hair loss and treating alopecia.

38-Year-Old Birmingham Man Gets New Hair & Teeth in Turkey

How does PRP work? 

PRP treatments are actually very straightforward; during a PRP procedure blood is taken from your body, typically from your arm, like how blood is donated, and then your blood is medically centrifuged (i.e., separated) to gather a platelet concentrate, which is then injected into the treatment site, in the case of hair loss extracted platelet-rich plasma is microinjected into the scalp. 

What is mesotherapy? The mesotherapy method for hair loss involves microinjections filled with active ingredients such as PRP, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes being injected below the scalp's surface to the mesoderm. At Este Medical we will customise your mesotherapy treatment solution with the most optimal ingredients to stimulate your hair follicles to grow thick and strong. PRP combined with mesotherapy will help to improve overall scalp and hair health, as well as trigger hair follicles into an active growth cycle. 

The best way to determine the ideal number of PRP sessions is for you to have an Este UK hair loss consultation. During a professional consultation our hair loss experts can discuss with you growth factors that will influence PRP session frequency. 

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Is PRP worth it? 

We have many female and male clients who will tell you that PRP hair loss treatment is worth it! 

Young woman has astonishing hair regrowth after having Este Medical PRP treatment combined with laser light hair therapy

By combining these two non-surgical hair loss treatments our client was able to grow back hair over a large bald patch on the top of her head.

Este’s CEO has PRP for hair & skincare!  

Even our Este Medical CEO, Sam Cinkir, has regular PRP treatments for hair restoration maintenance and facial rejuvenation.   

Choose Este UK for your expert hair loss treatments

PRP hair loss treatments are a proven way to start your hair restoration journey with Este Medical. To get you on that journey, we are offering a special 10% off PRP treatments. *Offer subject to change

Our Este hair loss clients are always thrilled with how fast they see results from PRP. Within 1 or 2 treatments with PRP you will start to have better hair texture, plus your hair will start to thicken and new hair growth will begin in the treatment area of your scalp. 

All you need to do is fill out a form to redeem your 10% offer and book a free PRP consultation. *Offer subject to change

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September 28, 2023

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