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Hashia's Alopecia Before and After PRP & Exciplex Treatment
before and after Alopecia


Jul 11, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Remarkable hair regrowth for Hashia, our London Este Medical client who had a distressing amount of alopecia hair loss

Alopecia on the scalp looks like patchy hair loss (i.e., small and large circular patches with no hair) and the hair is visibly thinner in large areas over the scalp. From both men and women, this type of hair loss is dramatic, which makes it difficult to conceal and explain to family, friends, and coworkers.

Luckily for Hashia, she decided to do something about her hair loss from alopecia, and had Este Medical PRP hair injections and Exciplex light therapy for hair loss

How Hashia Dealt With Alopecia Professionally

Because Hashia’s hair loss alopecia was so visible, and challenging to hide, she knew that seeking professional help was the best long-term option to restore her hair volume. In Hashia’s case of alopecia she had hair thinning all over the top of her head, as well as a large bald circle of missing hair and smaller patches of missing hair, all typical of alopecia on the scalp. 

You can see before Hashia’s Este Medical hair loss treatment for alopecia how much visible scalp she was showing, and the patches of skin which clearly indicate active alopecia areata.  

When Hashia came to our Este hair loss London clinic to discuss hair restoration treatment options, the first thing we did was a hair loss consultation for her, an important first step to diagnose type of hair loss and type of alopecia. 

Once an Este hair and scalp consultation is complete, then the most optimal hair loss treatments are recommended, and a treatment timeline is determined for the best results. 

The sooner you deal with your hair loss, especially alopecia, the sooner you can restore your hair growth and get on with living your best life! Book an Este Medical Group hair loss appointment today!  

How Did Hashia Restore Her Hair With Este Medical Hair & Scalp Treatments?

After Hashia’s London hair loss consultation for alopecia, it was agreed that the best way forward to restore her hair and treat alopecia was with a combination of PRP for hair growth and Exciplex phototherapy (i.e., non-invasive light therapy for hair loss).   

You can see from this post-treatment photo how effective Hashia’s PRP and Exciplex experience has been — the patchy circles of missing hair GONE! Hair thickness and hair volume increased! 

Alopecia PRP Hair Injections 

Why does PRP work on alopecia areata? It works because PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections) for hair restoration stimulates and reactivates dormant (or weak) hair follicles to produce thicker and healthier hair. PRP mesotherapy is an effective non-surgical hair loss treatment that boosts blood circulation to the scalp to stimulate cell growth and nurture hair follicles with increased oxygen and growth factors. 

Here’s how PRP treatments helped other female and male Este hair loss clients! 

Look at the astonishing hair regrowth woman had after PRP to grow back hair over a large bald patch on the top of her head.

This man's visible signs of alopecia are almost 100% gone as a result of Exciplex light therapy and PRP combined with mesotherapy!

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of PRP and professional hair loss PRP treatment when you see how life-changing they are for clients. See for yourself with these extreme recovery from alopecia before and after photos.

Alopecia Exciplex Light Therapy

Being that alopecia is linked to autoimmune skin condition, it makes sense that a top treatment for alopecia areata is skin-safe and non-invasive light therapy, which works to stimulate and reactivate the body's local immunosuppression process.

Este is one of the first clinics to offer Exciplex light therapy to treat conditions related to immunity, and our Exciplex device is used to treat both skin and hair loss conditions such as vitiligo and alopecia.  

Send us a message through our website to discuss this amazing pain-free treatment for alopecia and other skin conditions.

Stop Alopecia and Regain Your Confidence 

Whether you have noticeable alopecia, or have dealt with alopecia concerns for a long time, our Este hair loss clinics can help you restore your hair and your self-confidence.

Trust us, we’ve seen every type of alopecia and hair loss, and Este hair loss experts have the experience and medical devices to treat alopecia successfully. Contact Este Medical for UK alopecia hair loss consultation.

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July 11, 2023

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