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Saadiya Rahman Shares Her Postpartum Hair Loss PRP Journey
hair loss in new moms


May 18, 2023

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New mum, Saadiya Rahman, shares her postpartum hair loss experience with you, so you can better understand how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections combined with mesotherapy help to restore hair growth after having a baby — congratulations on the new baby Saadiya! 

Saadiya is currently having her PRP Mestotherapy hair loss treatments at our Este Medical clinic in Leeds, which she says is one of the most beautiful clinics she has ever seen. 

In this video you can see Saadiya arriving at our Leeds Este clinic, her hair loss consultation, and an actual PRP for hair loss treatment.

You can see how calm and relaxed Saadiya is during the procedure. If you would like to arrange a mesotherapy with PRP treatment, then send us a message through our website to get started!

Why Did Saadiya Choose Este’s PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Saadiya had Este Medical hair loss help in the past using platelet-rich plasma or PRP hair growth therapy, so she knew she could turn to Este for help with her postpartum hair loss and get results.

After having a baby, Saadiya experienced extreme hair loss, and was feeling very vulnerable because of that condition (i.e., postnatal hair loss), as she always had lovely long thick hair. After childbirth she found that her hair just wasn’t growing back normally.

Saadiya Shares Her Postpartum Hair Loss Experience

After an Este Medical consultation, it was advised Saadiya restart her customised PRP mesotherapy treatments for about 4 months (e.g., one treatment every month). In the video Saadiya talks about her first treatment session and why she decided to go with Este Medical Group.

“For my postnatal hair loss, I have started Este PRP treatments combined with mesotherapy because it worked for me in the past. I have had my first treatment out of four, and since I last had PRP microinjections the technology has only gotten better. I find that the new PRP device is more effective at reducing any discomfort during the procedure. I am excited about taking you on my PRP journey and will share my final results with you. I am looking forward to getting my hair back!”

A big thanks to Saadiya Rahman for sharing her postpartum experience, which is helpful to other new mums suffering from hair loss to know that there is an effective way to stimulate new hair growth after having a baby. 

Postpartum Hair Loss Is Normal & Treatable

Many females will experience some hair shedding and hair thinning postpartum. This type of hair loss is considered a normal and common condition. According to the NHS, as many as 50% of postnatal women may experience hair loss within 6 months of giving birth. Typically it starts about three months after childbirth and can last anywhere up to six months. For most new moms postnatal hair loss is a temporary phase, but for women who want to be proactive about restoring this type of hair loss there are professional hair growth options!

In Saadiya’s case, she went with PRP mesotherapy for hair regrowth. This is an excellent option because platelet-rich plasma injections to the scalp will boost blood circulation to the hair follicles. Increased blood circulation helps to oxygenate and deliver essential nutrients to the scalp and hair, which will stimulate new hair growth and support a more robust hair growth cycle.

Another popular hair regrowth treatment for women is laser light hair regrowth therapy.

Choose Este Medical For Your Female Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen to women at any stage in life, and due to a variety of circumstances, like pregnancy hair loss, menopause hair loss, and stress hair loss for example. 

If you want to address your postnatal hair loss, or find out what type of hair loss you are experiencing, then we recommend you book an Este Medical hair growth consultation immediately. The sooner you deal with your hair loss condition, the more likely you are to have successful, long-term outcomes when it comes to professional hair loss treatment.

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May 18, 2023

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