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Hair Transplant Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction
Hair Transplant Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction


Sep 12, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Let the hair loss experts at Este Medical Group help you make an informed decision about plans to restore your female or male hair loss.

There are myths about hair transplant that stop many women and men from having the procedure, and this can lead to a lifetime of poor self-esteem and in some cases depression.

Debunking The Most Common Hair Transplant Myths 

Here are commonly held myths about hair transplantation that stop people from learning more about the procedure and taking action to restore lost hair. 

Only Men Can Have Hair Transplants

This is simply not true. All genders can have hair transplants. Because balding and hair loss seems like it is exclusively an issue for men, most women are unsure if they can get a hair transplant, and don’t really understand what is involved. 

Women can have hair transplants, and the hair transplant procedure can often be customised for women so they don’t have to shave their scalp, or cut their long hair. Women interested in restoring hair loss at the temples, along the hairline, or in bald patches should book a hair transplant consultation and ask about having an unshaven hair transplant or a long hair transplant.

If you are unsure if you are experiencing female hair loss, then an Este Medical hair loss consultation will help determine the best and most effective treatment for you. 

Hair Transplants Look Fake 

A professional hair transplant using the FUE (follicular unit extraction) or DHI (direct hair implant) method will result in natural looking hair regrowth. The success rate for hair transplants is very high — up to 100% success!    

Once upon a time, hair transplants did look a bit unnatural, as the old method of doing hair transplants was not as advanced as it is nowadays. Before the FUE method, hair transplant surgeons tended to use the hair strip restoration technique (i.e., follicular unit transplantation or FUT).

The FUT method is not as common anymore, as it is not considered as advanced as the FUE and DHI methods of hair transplantation. The hair strip restoration technique has fallen out of popularity because FUT can leave linear scarring on the scalp. 

With modern hair restoration technology, DHI and FUE are the most popular and commonly used hair restoration treatments for men and women who want the most natural and ‘un-fake’ results. 

Este Medical offers both FUE and DHI hair transplant procedures. Contact an Este Medical clinic near you to book a hair transplant consultation.  

Hair Transplants Hurt

With any invasive surgery you might feel some pain and discomfort post-surgery. However, most hair transplant recipients report that a hair transplant is not a painful procedure. Before an Este Medical hair graft procedure, the scalp is treated with a numbing injection and/or a topical numbing lotion. Numbing the scalp during treatment prevents the procedure from hurting. 

When the anaesthesia wears off, some people may experience discomfort (e.g., a stinging sensation), which is usually mild. This sensation typically lasts about 24 to 48 hours after the hair transplantation procedure.

At Este Medical, your comfort is one of our highest priorities, your hair transplant surgeon will advise you on appropriate pain management strategies as part of your hair transplant aftercare. 

Book an Este hair transplant consultation to discuss your pain management concerns. In the meantime, take a look at this hair transplant resource we created: What You Need To Know From Expert Surgeons.   

Hair Transplants Give Instant Results

A wig will give you instant results if you want hair on your head. Hair transplants do not provide you with an instant head of hair. 

Once hair follicles are surgically transplanted to a bald area of the scalp they need time to settle into the scalp and enter into their natural growth cycle in their new position.

However, in about 3 to 4 months after a hair transplant new hair growth will become visible, and in just 5 months hair transplant recipients experience, on average, 50% new hair growth. Within a year, most transplant recipients will experience up to 100% hair growth. These days hair transplant procedures are highly successful and deliver long-lasting results

Take a look at our client Adam’s hair growth results 3-months after a hair transplant in Turkey.  

The best way to separate hair transplant facts from fiction is to have a hair transplant or hair graft consultation at one of our UK hair loss clinics.  

Here’s Why You Should Consider An Este Medical Hair Transplant

Now that we have uncovered some of the most common hair transplant facts and myths you should be feeling more confident about having this life-changing procedure

Hair transplant results with Este Medical are exceptional — our success rates are phenomenal. Learn everything there is to know when it comes to getting a hair transplant procedure with Este’s help. 

Be proactive about your hair loss and make time to have an Este Medical UK hair transplant consultation; because, it will change your life for the better if you have been suffering with hair loss.

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September 12, 2023

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