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Hair Regrowth Update on Murat: Unbelievable Results Achieved!
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Feb 16, 2023

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Este Medical

Life-changing before-and-after photos! See Murat now, smiling and looking attractive; at only 17-years-old, this treatment has completely changed his life for the better. 

Incredible hair regrowth results have been achieved with Este Medical FUE treatment in Turkey, including laser hair loss therapy and mesotherapy aftercare.

When Murat came to Este for help with his extreme hair loss
After 5 Months of Treatment Murat started to see his hair grow back

You Would Never Believe This Young Man Had Experienced Hair Loss! 

It’s been over a year since we reported on Murat’s hair regrowth journey with Este Medical in Istanbul, Turkey.

The final results are in — you can hardly believe this is the same young man who had massive scalp damage and hair loss over the top of his head from burns he suffered during a tragic house fire as a child.

Today Murat has a full head of hair and is happy with the results

How Murat Regrew His Hair With Este’s Help & Support 

Before Murat came to Este Medical Turkey, he genuinely believed there was no hope for him ever regrowing his lost hair. He believed he would have to live with the scars and damage from the fire his whole life.

Our founder and CEO, Sam Cinkir, thought differently, and made it a personal mission to help Murat recover his self-confidence and his hair. 

For Murat that meant a combination of treatments to boost scalp health, restore blood circulation to the damaged area, and transplant healthy hair follicles to the newly rejuvenated parts of the scalp targeted for hair regrowth. For Murat’s treatment to be a success, pre and post-transplant treatments were absolutely necessary. 

Here are the three Este Medical treatments for hair loss that Murat underwent to regrow his hair and rejuvenate his scalp:

Este’s Sam Cinkir reveals why Este Medical Group hair transplants are so successful.

If you are suffering from extreme baldness, or have had scalp damage resulting in hair loss, there is hope. Book yourself an Este Medical hair consultation to talk to an expert about your goals and expectations. 

We will be with you on this life-changing journey from beginning to end. Message us today to book a hair loss consultation.

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February 16, 2023

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