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Celebrities with Hair Loss: Drake, Wayne Rooney, Tyra Banks & More!
Celebrities with Hair Loss: Drake, Wayne Rooney, Tyra Banks & More!


Aug 8, 2023

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Este Medical

Famous celebrities are just like everyone else when it comes to hair loss, balding, and hair thinning.

Anyone can suffer from male or female hair loss, and anyone can also get professional hair loss treatments that work! 

It’s encouraging when celebrities come out and share their hair loss experiences, as there is still stigma associated around hair loss. At Este Medical, we feel it’s important to reduce the stigma, and share how having a hair loss treatment can improve your life for the better

Let’s take a look at some celebrity hair loss and hair restoration stories about Drake, David Beckham, Antonio Conte, Wayne Rooney, and Tyra Banks for inspiration

Drake Love Heart Hair

Rapper Drake’s hair loss makeover is original! Often when people suffer from visible hair loss they try to mask it, in Drake’s case he shaved a ‘heart’ into his hairline. This new Drake hair lewk was a result of his hair growing in a bit weird after having COVID-19. In a funny way this new Drake heart hair coincides well with his album Certified Lover Boy. The good news is Drake is recovering from this hair loss episode. 

Covid related fevers may trigger a relatively common type of hair loss called telogen effluvium (TE). Celebrity postpartum hair loss might also be a result of stress and TE. If you are unsure what type of male hair loss or female hair loss you are experiencing, then we invite you to book an Este Medical hair loss consultation to find out which professional hair loss treatments are best suited to you. 

David Beckham’s Androgenic Alopecia

As a medical term, androgenic alopecia sounds scary. You might be surprised to know that David Beckham, like so many UK men, was probably experiencing the most common type of male hair loss, male pattern baldness. If you look at before and after photos of Beckham, it seems apparent he has had some hair loss treatments to restore his thinning crown and receding hairline. 

Beckham's hair loss condition could have been addressed with a FUE hair transplant, or non-surgical treatments that are more easily concealed from the public eye, like laser light hair regrowth therapy and PRP hair injections. David, tell us what you did! 

Are you looking to restore thinning hair like Beckham? Then see our advice on how to restore thin hair: How To Thicken Thin Hair: Natural, Non-Surgical & Surgical Options.

What Did Antonio Conte Do To His Hair?

Former footballer Antonio Conte is known for his high-profile career as manager of Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspur. Throughout his career there has been speculation as to whether or not he’s had a hair transplant. He certainly looks good sporting a full head of hair again! 

When it comes to progressive male balding later in life, the best course of action is often a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is no longer a societal taboo. For many men it’s the only way they can regain a natural looking full head of hair again. Increasing numbers of men are turning to hair transplants to regrow their hair. 

Did you know that women suffering from baldness can also have restorative hair grafts to regain hair volume and reestablish new hair growth? Find out more about hair transplants for women

Tyra Banks Open About Her Hair Loss

Tyra Banks is one of several female celebrities with hair loss that has come out and shared her experience. Celebrity female hair loss is much harder to undergo in the public eye, as for men some hair loss or balding is considered normal, but when women have hair thinning or bald patches they tend to face more scrutiny. 

As more celebrities with hair loss, like Tyra Banks and Jada Pinkett, share their personal hair loss experience, the more people come to understand how common hair loss is for both men and women. 

Famous women talking about hair loss help other women to understand that there is help out there for hair loss, as most success stories or news about hair loss tends to still be about men. 

Here’s an example of an Este Medical hair restoration success story for a non-celebrity woman! 

The most effective way to restore female hair loss is to find out what type of hair loss you have. Once you know if it is alopecia or stress related, you will be in a much better position to find the most appropriate treatment. Just like with men, women are advised to have a professional hair loss consultation to discover their type of hair loss. Once your type of hair loss is established, the most effective treatment can be recommended (e.g., laser hair therapy for women, PRP hair injections for women…). 

Best Hair Treatments For Women Available At Este Medical 

Wayne Rooney’s Celebrity Hair Transplant 

When it comes to UK celebrities with hair transplants, Wayne Rooney gets his name mentioned a lot. Perhaps because he openly shared his hair transplant journey in his autobiography.

Now, we can’t speak to Rooney’s long-term hair transplant results as Este Medical did not perform his hair restoration surgery. But, we do have many non-celebrity men who say Este Medical hair transplants changed their lives for the better!  

Este Medical Group CEO and founder, Sam Cinkir, reveals why Este hair transplants are so successful.

Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us! 

Okay, that’s not totally accurate, but when it comes to hair loss in celebrities, they do have the same types of hair loss that everyone does. If you can take away anything from this look at famous people with hair loss, then take away the fact that hair thinning, alopecia, male and female pattern hair loss, and balding can all be professionally treated. 

If you are inspired by our Este Medical success stories, then we invite you to book a hair loss consultation at a hair loss clinic in the UK. Este Medical Group has a 5-star rating and our client reviews support our reputation as being one of the best hair regrowth and hair transplant providers in the world.    

Thinking about getting a FUE hair transplant, or trying one of our non-surgical hair growth treatments? Start your journey by contacting our friendly team.

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August 8, 2023

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