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Skincare Hacks you Should Try and Avoid
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Apr 28, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Skin care hacks are big news right now. If you’ve spent time scrolling through Tik Tok and Instagram you’ll probably have come across some of the viral beauty hacks for skin that are taking everyday beauty fans by storm.

However, while there are some great bits of advice out there, there’s also a stash of bad ideas for skin care hacks at home.

Skin hacks for acne

We get it. No one’s happy when they wake up to see a face full of angry spots. Acne can make you feel terrible and kill your confidence. However, acne needs to be treated with care, otherwise you’ll probably find you quickly make it worse.

Here are the biggest skin hacks for acne that you should definitely avoid:

  • Using dental floss to remove blackheads – this will leave you with a mass of broken capillaries and some seriously abraded skin. Ouch!
  • Another one of the top skin care hacks for acne to be avoided is using Duct Tape to remove blackheads. It will be damaging to your skin, the sticky residue can be hard to remove, and skin sensitivity can be increased.
  • Don’t bother with egg white – in terms of skin care hacks for acne, this is a complete waste of time. You know the drill – you apply egg white to your skin, add a layer of toilet paper, add more egg white over the top, look like a fool for five minutes and then peel off when it’s dry. It’s meant to work like a blackhead peel-off mask, but guess what, it doesn’t and it can really dry your skin out.

When it comes to clear skin hacks, the best way to deal with acne if you’re having real problems and not getting anywhere with over-the-counter products is to see your GP for prescription acne treatment.

Alternatively, you could look to the services we provide at Este for acne. LED Phototherapy, chemical peels, and the ClearSkin Laser are just some of your options.

Winter skin care hacks

Winter can be harsh on skin, so it’s no wonder we reach for winter skin care hacks to help us out. But here are some you should definitely not try at home:

  • Homemade skin masks – one of the latest winter skin care hacks to help with uneven skin tone and redness is to make a mask out of egg whites, shaving cream, and Hydrogen Peroxide. You’re then meant to leave it on your face for ten minutes and take it off to reveal amazing skin. Ha! We don’t think so. Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and should definitely not be applied to your skin. Also, shaving cream? No thanks!
  • Using kitchen cooking oils as a replacement moisturiser – natural ingredients are all the rage and that’s great, but choosing to switch your regular moisturiser with an oil you found in your kitchen cupboard isn’t good news. Oils like olive, almond and coconut will clog up your pores, and what’s more, they won’t penetrate deep below the surface. So they might not sort out your dry skin, but hey, they could help give you a breakout. That’s one of those skin care beauty hacks we could all do without.
  • Slugging – beauty hacks for dry skin don’t come with a weirder name than this one! With slugging, you’re meant to apply a nice thick layer of petroleum jelly all over your skin before you go to bed at night. This can be ok for those with seriously dry skin who aren’t prone to breakouts, but if you suffer with acne too this is a definite no.

Want to tackle dry skin effectively? Try a HydraFacial at Este Medical. This will give your skin a real boost and at the same time whisk away all your dead, dry skin cells so you can feel and look fresh and renewed.

Beauty hacks for skin whitening

Skin colour. Can you really change what you’re born with simply with a homemade DIY skin hack? Seems a little bit suspect. Here’s a few of the worst beauty hacks for skin whitening that you could waste your time trying:

  • Lemon juice – natural beauty hacks for glowing skin are all the rage, but this one is a big fat no. Lemon juice is way too acidic for skin and can actually cause sun sensitivity and in really bad circumstances – chemical burns. Steer clear.
  • Ground coffee, raw sugar, cinnamon and coconut oil mask – we have no idea why combining these ingredients would ever make your skin tone whiter. You’d be much better off spending the time making a nice chai latte.
  • Yoghurt and honey – this simple two-ingredient mask must be left for 15 minutes before you see a miraculous change in your skin tone. Except, let’s face it, you won’t.

If you’re looking for beauty hacks for skin whitening that actually work, you’ll need to speak to a specialist. Conditions like hyperpigmentation, chloasma and melasma can be treated but it takes time. At Este, we use the Cosmelan Peel to produce impressive results.

There are tons of beauty hacks for clear skin, dry skin and acne-prone skin. However most of the trending ones you’ll find online won’t do your skin any favours. Get your skin fixed by the experts at Este and then you’ll see a real difference.

Book in for your consultation today and we’ll help sort your skin issues right out.

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March 22, 2023

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