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Sahil's Hair Transplant Journey & Vital First Hair Wash in Turkey
Sahil's Hair Transplant Journey & Vital First Hair Wash in Turkey


Jan 25, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Sahil shares his fantastic hair transplant results with Este Turkey, enthusiastically recommending Este Medical Group for exceptional hair transplantation and top-notch aftercare.

If you are considering a Turkey hair transplant procedure, or currently undergoing a transplant or hair grafting aftercare, it is a good idea to hear from a long time Este client on what you can expect from Este Medical hair grafting and our personalised hair transplant aftercare.  

Here’s what Sahil says about being an Este Medical hair loss client: “I’ve gotten to know the Este UK team over the last seven years, they have become like friends and family to me over this time. The Este environment is very comfortable and reassuring. I highly recommend Este to anyone thinking of having a hair treatment for hair loss,” says Sahil. 

It’s wonderful when Este clients like Sahil feel so confident to share their hair loss treatment experiences with other men and women coping with hair loss concerns. Videos like Sahil’s allow people a look at what happens at a hair loss clinic in Turkey. 

Another important part of the hair transplant process in Turkey is having a first hair wash after initial surgery.   

You can see in the video how relaxed Sahil is at the Turkey clinic having his hair transplant aftercare wash with a specialised foam and gentle shampoo to help heal the scalp as well as enhance the growth of newly transplanted hair follicles as part of the first step to full hair transplant recovery. 

Contemplating a hair transplant? Check out our exclusive guide on Hair Transplant Aftercare: Do's and Don'ts.

Would you like to gather more information about having an Este hair loss treatment, or learn about our post-hair transplant aftercare services at Este clinics?

Send us a message through our website to get started today! 

Why Is Hair Transplant Aftercare Of Such Vital Importance? 

At Este Medical Group, we know from hands-on experience how important hair transplant aftercare is to having the most successful hair grafting outcomes. Success is linked to proper aftercare, including the vital first and final hair washes, which we recommend are conducted at one of our Este Medical clinics. 

Whether post-op or prepping for a hair grafting procedure, understanding hair transplant aftercare's significance is essential for maximising new hair growth. 

After a hair transplant, a regular hair wash won't suffice. Specific and detailed hair washing is crucial for proper aftercare to help the hair grafts settle into the scalp and thrive. Este Medical Group's hair transplant aftercare is not just a part of the hair grafting process, but a vital component of our holistic approach to pre and post-surgery hair restoration methodology.

To help you prepare for and recover from a hair transplant, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary hair grafting consultation. During an Este hair loss consultation, we'll analyse your specific type of hair loss, talk about your expectations regarding hair transplants and regrowth, plus discuss your grooming objectives, as well as any prior experiences or treatments related to hair grafting you might have already had someplace else. 

Why Should I Have A Hair Transplant in Turkey With Este?

At Este Medical's hair loss clinic in Istanbul, Sahil had high praise for the exceptional customer service, highlighting the incredible Este Turkey team. From travel arrangements to hotel accommodations and seamless taxi transfers to the hair loss clinic, everything was excellent, making Sahil’s experience truly outstanding.

You can also experience an outstanding hair transplant in Istanbul at our award-winning Turkey hair loss clinic. Take the first step toward planning your hair restoration journey to Turkey, send Este Medical a message now to book a free hair treatment consultation.

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January 25, 2024

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