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Hair Transplant Aftercare Advice
hair transplant aftercare advice


Aug 2, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Understanding the importance of hair transplant aftercare is essential, whether you've recently undergone a hair transplant or are preparing for a hair grafting procedure, to maximise new hair growth.

Este Medical Group is the leading service provider of hair transplants and when it comes to our hair loss and hair graft aftercare we have a stellar 5-star rating

Take in our Este Medical hair transplant aftercare tips. Plus, learn about the aftercare hair growth packages we offer!  

Tap into our expertise to better understand the ins and outs of aftercare for female and male hair transplants in our super helpful hair transplant aftercare guide.

Aftercare Can Boost The Success Of Hair Transplant

Having a hair transplant is an in-depth process that has a high success rate. The success of your hair transplant rests on a couple of vital steps, the first one being how well implanted hair grafts take root and thrive. To ensure this step is successful, aftercare should include a first hair wash and the final wash, ideally in a clinical setting like one of our Este hair loss clinics. Este Medical Group aftercare is an essential part of the whole hair transplant experience, as well as an integral part of our holistic approach to pre and post-surgery hair transplant methodology. 

To learn more about how Este Medical hair loss clients prepare and recover from hair transplants we invite you to book a free hair grafting consultation to discuss your type of hair loss, your hair transplant and hair regrowth expectations, grooming goals, and any previous experience or treatment you have had with hair grafting. 

Discover Este's Aftercare Packages That Ensure Expert Care For The Best Possible Outcomes!

Did you know that Este Medical Group offers inclusive and comprehensive aftercare packages for men and women who have had hair transplants? 

Elika is one of our highly skilled hair care and hair loss consultants. In this video she talks about an aftercare package for people who have had a hair transplant a long time ago (not at an Este Medical clinic) and are starting to lose existing hair.

Elika explains how an aftercare package combining laser hair regrowth therapy and PRP hair injections can help to boost hair thickness and hair density as well as regrow hair in about four months! 

Even if you had a hair transplant at a clinic other than Este, we can still help you with any regrowth issues as part of our Este aftercare package treatments. 

Here is a prime example of a hair transplant recipient (not an Este transplant) who came to us for help after having additional hair regrowth issues.

Our new client Abdi found that with the help of Este aftercare PRF hair injections and laser hair regrowth therapy his hair growth improved and he was able to address his issue with beard alopecia.  

Do you have a post-transplant hair regrowth issue we can treat with our customised Este Medical hair regrowth aftercare? Send us a message through our website to start a conversation about getting the hair transplant aftercare you need to reach your goals!  

Hair Transplant Aftercare Shampoo Step

At Este, you will be empowered to get the absolute best from your hair transplant experience. To better help you understand the first and final hair washes we created two informative videos that demonstrate care after hair transplant surgery, as well as the process for the best after care hair transplant shampoo.

Discover how vital it is that you shampoo your new hair regrowth following the hair transplant after care instructions. Here are the basics to best shampoo after hair transplant:

  • Be very gentle and careful washing your scalp and transplanted hair follicles 
  • Use a non-pressurised flow of water on your scalp
  • Use prescribed Este shampoo hair mousse as directed 
  • Do not deviate from your hair surgeon’s aftercare advice 

Essential Hair Transplant Aftercare Tips

Aftercare of your hair transplant is just as important to the success of your new hair regrowth as the actual transplant procedure itself. So, to help you on your way, here are important tips to ensure the best aftercare for your hair transplant.

  1. How to sleep after a hair transplant: Sleep with your head elevated and have a pillow either side to prevent rolling. It is advisable to be cautious when it comes to sleeping to avoid swelling after hair transplant. Getting a good night's sleep and rest as much as possible is beneficial for the healing process, but make sure you avoid sleeping on your tummy or side as it could add stress to the transplant area. Keep your head elevated to reduce swelling after a hair transplant.
  1. Don’t drive for 24 hours after your hair transplant: If you’ve been sedated as part of your hair transplant procedure, you’ll need to let someone else do the driving. At our Este Medical hair loss clinic in Turkey we will arrange for a taxi to take you from the clinic to your hotel. At Este Turkey we arrange all airport-hotel taxi transfers as well as taxi transfers between the Este clinic and hotel. Book a free consultation to discuss making arrangements for a Turkey hair transplant with Este Medical. 
  1. Avoid exercise after hair transplant: We advise you to keep your heart rate and blood pressure low post-treatment, so any rigorous exercise should be avoided. A brisk walk and light stretching are options for exercise during your hair transplant aftercare period.
  1. Abstain from alcohol after hair transplant: Alcohol is dehydrating and can also raise your blood pressure, so we advise you give it a miss for a couple of days as part of your aftercare.
  1. Avoid wearing a hat after hair transplant: As part of your hair transplant aftercare, make sure not to wear any headgear. For example, a baseball hat will certainly rub on the transplant area and cause unwanted stress to your new implants.
  1. Drink plenty of water: Water is an essential part of your hair transplant aftercare. Drink plenty pre-op and post-op to aid in your recovery.
  1. Avoid the sun on your head: Direct sun can penetrate into your skin and epidermis, so it’s recommended to avoid it while you are healing from a hair transplant. 

Choose Este Aftercare for Stronger Hair and a Healthier Scalp

Professional aftercare following your hair transplant is essential to a successful healing process. At Este we work hard to ensure you are well informed, well cared for, and expertly treated from the start of your hair transplant to the end of your transplant journey. 

For inspiring Este hair transplant success stories, explore our Latest News blogs! We share a lot of heart-warming and inspirational real life stories about successful hair transplants and hair regrowth. Discover the amazing results we've achieved for our valued clients and continue your research journey with us.

Let Este Medical Group look after you as you transform your looks and your self-confidence with an Este hair transplant!

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December 15, 2023

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