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Leeds Man Recommends Este Hair Transplant In Turkey
Leeds Man Recommends Este Hair Transplant In Turkey


Aug 15, 2023

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Our Este Leeds client Callum has been sharing his hair transplant journey to Turkey, so other men can see the amazing results that can be achieved from having surgical hair grafts to restore male hair loss

Callum is thrilled with his post-hair transplant progress and hair regrowth. You can see from his hair transplant before and after photos how well Callum’s hair growth is coming along after having FUE surgery at our hair loss clinic in Turkey. 

Before and After Results

When we first shared Callum’s hair transplant journey from Leeds to Turkey, it was about how he found Este Medical online. Callum thought the best way to restore his thinning hairline and crown was through hair grafts, and to find the best hair loss clinic he went online to research hair transplants.  

Here’s what Callum said about his online research: “When I was looking online at hair loss clinics, I saw that Este Medical was one of the top listed places for hair transplants. I saw the Este hair transplant videos from people who had been to Este in Turkey, and was impressed with all the good responses. After my research I decided to go with Este.” 

Why Have a Professional Hair Loss Consultation in the UK? 

Another important step in Callum’s hair restoration journey was having an Este Medical hair loss consultation. A professional consultation by hair loss experts is the best way to determine if a FUE hair transplant is the best treatment for your type of hair loss, as well it will determine where hair grafts need to be implanted and approximately how many hair follicles will be needed to reach your hair restoration goals. 

Find out why Callum chose Este Medical for a hair transplant in Turkey!

Callum’s Este Turkey Hair Transplant Surgery Photo

In these photos taken right after Callum’s hair transplant you can clearly see the bandaged donor area at the back of his head where the surgical team removed healthy hair follicles to be transplanted into the treatment area — in Callum’s case this was on the crown of his head and along the front of his hairline. 

Do you want to learn more about how a hair transplant works? We created an in-depth guide on how a Turkey hair transplant works: Learn everything there is to know when getting a hair transplant procedure.

Having an Este hair transplant consultation established his donor hair area and how big the treatment area on the top of his head and along his forehead needed to be, including how many hair grafts would be required. 

Are you unsure about your type of male hair loss? Send us a message through our website to book a professional hair transplant and hair loss consultation to find out which of our Este Medical Group hair treatments are best suited to you. 

Callum Recommends Este’s Hair Transplant Surgery & Aftercare 

We hope that Callum’s inspiring hair restoration journey has helped you learn more about the importance of having a hair loss consultation, doing your online research, and learning more about hair transplant aftercare

“Back in the UK after Turkey, I went to the Este Medical clinic in Leeds, and I had my hair transplant aftercare — laser light hair regrowth therapy. Post-surgery, I have a thicker hairline in the front and my hair is fuller. I’m very happy with the results. I would absolutely recommend Este Medical,” said Callum. 

Take Callum’s recommendation! Find an Este Medical hair loss UK clinic near you.

If you have questions about having a male FUE hair transplant surgery in Turkey, we are here to help you start your hair restoration journey to Istanbul!

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August 15, 2023

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