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Sam Cinkir Reveals Why Este Hair Transplants Are The Best!
Sam Cinkir Hair Transplant Guidance


Nov 10, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Este CEO and founder, Sam Cinkir, reveals why Este Medical Group hair transplants are so successful.

Sam brilliantly uses a gardening analogy to simplify how the whole Este hair transplant process works from beginning to end. You could call it Este’s ‘seeds of success’ hair transplant guide! 

If you want insider information about the best hair loss treatment available, then watch the video below. 

Here’s Why You Should Choose Este For Your Hair Transplant! 

Discover for yourself why Este’s hair transplants are more successful than those at other hair transplant clinics. For Sam, it’s all about the Este holistic health approach he created to ensure maximum scalp health, and Este Medical Group’s exceptional pre-transplantation preparation and post-transplant aftercare.

What’s the secret to Este being the #1 hair transplant provider? As Sam explains in the video, it’s about setting the stage for the most optimal results. For example, a gardener can have the best seeds, but if the soil is not rich and nourishing, and the gardener doesn’t tend to the fragile seedlings once planted, the best outcome cannot be expected. 

Este Best Results! What To Do Before A Hair Transplant 

Before an Este hair transplant in Turkey, the scalp and existing hair follicles are nourished and boosted in strength. Stimulating blood circulation to the treatment area is the key to a successful hair transplant. An optimal treatment area should be established before the transplantation procedure. And existing hair in the treatment area should be nourished and strengthened for the best results. 

Benefits Of Boosted Blood Circulation To The Scalp 

  • Increase hair growth phase 
  • Thicker hair growth
  • Blood nourishes hair follicles
  • Increase in nutrients for hair follicles
  • Increase oxygenation
  • Improved hair maturation

Two of the most popular and effective ways to increase blood circulation and boost scalp and hair health is with these pre-transplantation treatments: 

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy 

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Therapy 

The best way to determine which pre-treatment you will most benefit from is to book an Este hair transplant consultation through our website. 

Essential Hair Transplant Aftercare For The Best Results! 

In the video Sam explains why freshly transplanted hairs, along with existing hair, need an optimum environment to grow and flourish. New and old hair follicles, along with the scalp, need stimulation and nourishment. Optimising blood circulation at the follicular level is the best way to do this. The same pre-transplant treatments — laser hair regrowth and mesotherapy — are once again essential for the best results. One or both of these treatments should be a part of your Este hair transplant aftercare.   

An Este hair loss consultation about having a hair transplant in Turkey will cover the importance of UK hair transplant preparation and the recommended Este aftercare for hair transplants.  

Get More Insider Information From Este! 

Another place where you can get expert advice from Sam is on the Este Medical Group’s Instagram. Our clients and Sam share their Este experiences, plus you get to see how many of Este’s cosmetic and hair loss procedures are performed. You can also DM Este with your questions! We look forward to hearing from you!

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November 14, 2022

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