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What is the Success Rate of a Hair Transplant?
success rate of hair transplant


Feb 16, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Once upon a time, if you lost your hair you just had to live with it, find a great wig, wear a quirky scarf, or embrace an endless array of hats. These days, not so much.

If you find yourself going bald, or losing patches of hair, it’s now possible to do something about it. Which is great news if you’re just not down with being hairless. Yes, we’re talking hair transplants. But what’s the hair transplant success rate, and is a hair transplant always successful?

How Successful are Hair Transplants?

Hair transplants are hugely popular – and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. According to this report, in 2021, over 703,000 hair transplant procedures were carried out worldwide.

Over the years, as hair transplant technology has improved, the success rate of hair transplants has improved too – and this is probably the main reason why hair transplants continue to soar in popularity.

Murat Before and After FUE hair transplant results
Murat Before and After FUE hair transplant results

Successful hair transplants depend on how many of your transplanted hair grafts survive. For a graft to be successful, it needs to take root and produce hair growth once surgery has been completed. You might hope that every one of the hair grafts that are transplanted will take root and grow new hair, but this would be extraordinary.

A highly successful hair transplant would be when around 90% of your hair grafts take root and grow new hair. However, a hair transplant can also be considered a success if this 90% benchmark isn’t met. That’s because, you can still enjoy dramatic hair growth even when fewer hair grafts take root.

Hair Transplant Success: A Holistic Approach

At Este, we’re proud to have clients with many happy hair transplant success stories. This is down to our unique approach to hair transplants.

Unlike other clinics, we don’t just take a client on and book them straight in for their hair transplant procedure. In order to ensure high chances of hair transplant success, we carry out pre-treatment care and aftercare techniques that ensure our procedures are successful.

In this video, Este’s CEO Sam Cinkir explains why the Este process is so different from other hair transplant clinics. With Este, you’ll enjoy pre-treatments such as laser hair regrowth therapy and mesotherapy that work to boost your blood circulation to the area that’s to be treated. This helps -

  • Benefit the hair growth phase
  • Promote thicker hair growth
  • Ensure blood reaches the hair follicles to nourish them
  • Boost nutrients and oxygenation to hair follicles
  • Ensure hair has a good life span

This intensive approach that ensures the existing hair and scalp is treated before and after the procedure is one of the main reasons why we continue to have such a high success rate of hair transplant in Turkey.

How do I know if my Hair Transplant is Successful?

Having a hair transplant can be a nerve-wracking experience, and one reason why is that it can be quite disconcerting to see all of your hair grafts fall out between weeks one and five. However, this is absolutely normal, and needs to happen in order for new hair to grow.

It takes a while for new hair to grow, but at around the six-month mark you should be able to see your new hair growth, and by 12-18 months post treatment, you should be enjoying your full results. It can feel like an agonisingly long time to wait, but when you choose Este, it will be worth it!

FUE Hair Transplant Success Rate

FUE hair transplants have one of the highest success rates at around 95% - 100%. This number works on the basis that a FUE hair transplant is considered successful when anything upwards of 60-70% of grafts survive. This is the same for the hair transplant crown area success rate as when 60-70% of grafts survive, the client will still achieve good hair growth and coverage.

What about Female Hair Transplant Success Rate?

When we talk of hair transplants, we often immediately think of them in relation to men, but women are able to have this treatment too. However, it is only a select few who will be suitable for a female hair transplant treatment and this is down to the type of hair loss they’re experiencing.

According to this article, only around 2-5% of women with hair loss will be suitable for treatment. They are women with hair loss due to -

  • Non-hormonal mechanical or traction alopecia
  • Surgery which has left hair loss at the incision areas
  • Female pattern baldness such as hairline recession and thinning at the crown
  • Trauma such as burning, or scarring
  • Alopecia marginalis

Are Hair Transplants Successful?

Hair transplant success rates depend on many factors – some to do with the client, some with the surgeon, some with the type of hair transplant carried out.

At Este, we’re proud to achieve brilliant hair transplant success rates again and again, and it’s one of the reasons why we were voted Turkey’s #1 Hair Transplant Clinic of 2021, and were winners of the Most Trusted Multi-Practice Clinic 2022 at the LuxLife awards. Book in for your hair transplant consultation and see for yourself why we’re the best.

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February 16, 2023

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