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Afy's Inspirational Este Alopecia Treatment: "I Refused To Give Up"
Alopecia Hair Transplant Before and After


Aug 8, 2023

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Alopecia didn’t stop Afy from taking action to overcome his hair loss.

Having alopecia hair loss in his 20’s had a negative effect on Afy’s self-confidence, and he dealt with many years of feeling depressed about his hair loss.

With an Este hair transplant, a consistent microneedling derma roller routine, and Minoxidil hair drops, Afy was able to regrow his hair and gain control of his alopecia condition. 

Before and After Alopecia Hair Transplant
Before and After Alopecia Hair Transplant
Before and After Alopecia
Before and After Alopecia

Afy calls his Este Medical hair restoration a “night and day” transformation. Find out why Afy chose Este Medical Group for his hair transplant, male hair loss treatment, and rhinoplasty nose surgery

Why Afy Chose Este To Treat Alopecia 

In Afy’s case, his androgenic alopecia was affecting his whole body from head to toe. Here’s why he sought professional help from Este Medical

“After I finished uni, depression kicked in as a result of trying to cope with my severe alopecia from head to toe, not even my eyebrows were spared. At a young age I had a dramatically receding hairline that made me look older, and I had gained a lot of weight, my confidence and self esteem was at an all time low,” says Afy. 

Afy says that before his Este Medical alopecia treatment people would stare at him. He had days when he didn’t want to go out or meet up with people. Afy tried different herbal treatments, but they just didn’t work. He was even told by a dermatologist that his alopecia would never go away and that he would have to live with it. 

Would you like to learn more about how Este Medical treats alopecia hair loss? Send us a message through our website to book an alopecia consultation.  

Afy’s Successful Hair Regrowth and Recovery From Alopecia! 

Afy attributes his hair restoration success to refusing to give up. Here’s what he has to say about his hair restoration journey: 

“I refused to give up on my situation. I lost weight, I sorted my hair out with the help of Este Medical, and worked on building up my confidence again. Since my Este hair transplant and my diligent derma rolling non-stop for 6 months, 95% of my hair has returned. My confidence is at 100% and I feel 100% humble after my ordeal with alopecia. I’m glad I never gave up on myself.” 
Alopecia Before and After

If you are suffering from hair loss due to alopecia, Este Medical has effective and proven alopecia hair loss treatments that will help you control and stop alopecia. 

At Este Medical Group, we have experience dealing with mild to severe alopecia hair loss and have helped many men and women regrow their hair and restore their self esteem and confidence. 

Take a look at successful outcomes 3 clients experienced from Este alopecia treatment:

Make an appointment to diagnose your type of hair loss and get started on restoring your hair!  

Afy’s Este Medical Rhinoplasty Nose Job

Afy also had rhinoplasty surgery at Este Medical to fix a deviated septum and partially blocked nose that was a result of an accident when he was younger. Because of Afy’s crooked nose, he used to hate having his picture taken. 

After having his nose straightened, Afy said he was happy he found the courage to get a rhinoplasty nose job, and that his self confidence has returned. You can see from his smiling face how much he likes photos now! 

Regain Control Of Your Life and Restore Your Confidence 

Let Este Medical give you the courage to change your life for the better like Afy did. Whether you are experiencing male or female hair loss, or want to change a facial feature, or reshape your body, Este Medical can help. 

Find an Este clinic near you! If you have grooming and beauty goals you want to achieve in your lifetime, then let us help you reach your goals. We are here for you. 

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August 8, 2023

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