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Youth Overcomes Alopecia Ordeal With Este’s Help
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Jan 10, 2023

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Este Medical Group

In just 6 months, Este was able to help a young man overcome his agony dealing with alopecia areata.

The young man was experiencing visible bald patches on the sides and back of his head — unfortunately that led to him being teased and bullied about his hair loss at school. 

Our young client had tried other hair loss treatments before coming to Este Medical Group, but it was our Exciplex treatments that made all the difference.

Here’s what he said about our hair loss treatment:

“I’m happy with the results, as my confidence at school has gotten better. If you struggle with alopecia like me, I highly recommend Este Medical because the treatment is quick and effective.” 

Este’s non-surgical, pain-free Exciplex light therapy treatment restored this youth’s hair growth and his confidence. Our UK hair loss team was thrilled to put a smile back on the lad’s happy face! 

Alopecia Can Be Treated At Any Age! 

Dealing with visible hair loss from alopecia can be especially devastating for children, as youth are less equipped than adults to explain their alopecia or hide it well. Sadly, a teen with bald patches or undergoing hair loss makes an easy target for bullies. 

The good news is that alopecia areata can be treated and confidence restored. Alopecia is a form of hair loss that can affect children and adults; it’s an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss, yet it doesn’t destroy the hair follicles — that means that hair follicles have the ability to regrow hair with the right conditions!    

One of the best ways to treat alopecia areata is using laser hair regrowth light therapy. Ideal for all ages and genders, light therapy helps to increase blood flow, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, which promotes hair growth. Hair length and diameter increases, resulting in thicker hair shafts and overall better hair volume. Laser therapy is an effective way to restore hair follicles and maximise the scalp’s natural growth cycle.

Laser hair growth is FDA-approved and a clinically tested treatment that uses low-level laser light to stimulate the scalp’s hair follicles to prompt new hair growth and reduce hair loss. Laser hair restoration has a success rate of more than 80% and is widely accepted as a safe and effective hair loss treatment.

Let Este Help You With The Best Treatment For Alopecia

If you are a young person or parent looking for answers on the best way to treat alopecia, then contact the hair loss experts at Este Medical Group for a consultation. It’s easy, just book through our website.

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January 10, 2023

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