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World Champion Wrestler Sahit Prizreni’s Radical Hair Transformation Revealed!
World Champion Wrestler Sahit Prizreni’s Radical Hair Transformation Revealed!


Apr 29, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Looking and feeling your best is part of the game too! And Albanian-Australian wrestling world champion Sahit Prizreni’s hair journey is a testament to this truth.

Sahit’s Sensational Legacy & Battle with Hair Loss  

With an impressive track record that includes competing at the Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, and Rio 2016 Olympics, Sahit's incredible athletic achievements have earned him worldwide recognition and adoration.  

He even made history at Rio as the first Australian to carry another country’s flag at the Olympic Games – his native Albania. But behind the scenes of his success, the now President of the Albanian Wrestling Federation faced a challenge that had nothing to do with the competition – hair loss.

Fed up with a thinning hairline and poor hair growth, Sahit sought a solution to permanently restore full, thick, and healthy hair. And the Este Medical specialists couldn’t be prouder to have surpassed his expectations with our life-changing treatments.  

The UK’s Finest Hair Loss Treatments for Men  

After our team assessed Sahit’s unique hair loss, we developed a personalised treatment plan that involved the two treatments our experts determined would yield the exact results Sahit was looking for: Hair Transplant and Stem Cell Therapy.  

Hair Transplant

First up was the hair transplant surgery, a meticulous procedure that involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from donor areas and strategically implanting them into areas of thinning or balding. Our skilled surgeons ensured that every follicle perfectly placed for a natural-looking hairline and fuller, denser hair coverage.

Stem Cell Therapy  

A new and revolutionary treatment, Sahit then underwent our stem cell therapy. This treatment offers a look into the future of hair restoration, tapping into the regenerative power of stem cells to stimulate hair growth and change the way we approach hair loss.  

Our exceptional experts gathered stem cells from Sahit’s own body and transformed them into specialised cell types that can replace or damage missing hairs. These cells were then carefully injected back into Sahit's scalp, where they got to work producing new follicles and restoring healthy hair growth.

Our Other Hair Restoration Treatments Include:

Take back control of your hair and your confidence too when you book a free consultation with the Este Medical pioneers.  

What Causes Hair Loss?  

Hair loss is a very common condition that up to 50% of men will experience before their 50th birthday. Some of the main causes of hair loss in men include:

  • Genetics  
  • Hormonal changes  
  • Ageing  
  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition  
  • Certain medical conditions  
  • Medications  
  • Trauma or injury  
  • Excessive hair styling habits  
  • Smoking  

Follow the Champion’s Lead: Discover Our Life-Changing Hair Restoration Treatments  

From Olympic triumph to hair restoration victory, Sahit successfully restored an entire head of healthy and strong hair with the prowess of the Este Medical team – and we can do it for you too. With an entire range of treatments for hair loss for men, we’re confident we can deliver the results you long for. Because when it comes to looking and feeling your best, you deserve nothing but the best. Why not book your free consultation today?  

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April 29, 2024

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