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What to Expect during your Rhinoplasty Recovery
rhinoplasty recovery guide


Jan 10, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Choosing to have rhinoplasty surgery is one of life’s big decisions. After all, it’s a permanent procedure which will change the way you look forever.

Whether you’ve had a nose injury, rhinoplasty fillers are no longer working for you, or you just don’t like the way your nose looks, surgical rhinoplasty offers a chance to change things.

Rhinoplasty: What to Expect

When you choose Este for your rhinoplasty procedure, you’ll enjoy the very best of before and aftercare right here in the UK. The procedure itself takes place at our fantastic, state-of-the-art sister clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Here, our expert surgeons will use the latest techniques to create the nose you’ve always dreamed of.

On average, the procedure can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, depending on what’s involved in your nose reconstruction. Immediately after the surgery, and vital for the first stages in your recovery after rhinoplasty, you will have a dressing applied, which will stay on for the first 12 hours.

After this time, a splint will be used to keep your new nose protected, supported, and in shape. This should stay on for a week. You will also most probably have packing inserted into your nostrils to help keep them in shape after the procedure. This packing will then be removed at a later date – usually around 7 days post procedure.

The Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

Rhinoplasty recovery time varies from person to person. But, it’s standard to need to take around two weeks off work after your surgery. These first two weeks in your recovery period for rhinoplasty are an important stage in your rhinoplasty recovery timeline and will help ensure you are rested, stress-free, and able to focus on recovering from surgery.

However, if you’re expecting a quick return to your nose’s new normal in a matter of weeks, unfortunately that’s not usually the case. The actual recovery time from rhinoplasty can sometimes take quite a few months, and swelling may still be visible up until the six-month point.

Rhinoplasty recovery is a gradual process, however, and you can expect your nose to feel and look better as time moves on.

How Long does Rhinoplasty Recovery Take?

At Este, we offer surgical or non surgical rhinoplasty. With non-surgical rhinoplasty that’s carried out with the use of fillers at our clinics in the UK, the recovery time is pretty much zero.

You can have the treatment in your lunchbreak and be back at work straight after. You may experience a little swelling and/or bruising, but generally this procedure is well-tolerated and it’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Surgical rhinoplasty on the other hand takes much longer to recover from. But, the results are permanent. How long it takes to recover depends largely on the type of rhinoplasty procedure you’re having (open or closed rhinoplasty).

If you’re having a bump in your nose removed, you can expect to enjoy a quicker healing time. If you’re having your tip reconstructed, this takes a while longer.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

Want to boost your rhinoplasty recovery day by day? Of course you do. Here are our top tips on how to speed up rhinoplasty recovery:

  1. Be super patient – we know you want your gorgeous new nose to look great straightaway but it needs time to heal. Be patient, try not to stress, and just let time and your skin do their work
  1. Listen to your surgeon’s advice – they'll tell you what to expect, how long things may take, and they’re likely to advise you to use a nasal spray for a certain period of time post procedure. This nasal spray will help keep your nasal lining hydrated so that healing can occur at a quicker rate
  1. Avoid trauma to your nose – we're talking picking, blowing, rubbing – if it’s going to aggravate your nose in anyway, just don’t do it. If you’re struggling with the blocked feeling, reach for a saline nasal spray to help ease congestion
  1. Wear clothes that are easy to put on – tight tops that you pull on over your head are not going to be easy to get on when your nose is feeling more than a little tender. Choose cardigans, shirts, and loose tops
  1. If you’re worried – speak to your clinic. At Este, we pride ourselves on our impeccable before and aftercare, so please, if you’re at all worried about any part of the recovery process, just give us a ring and we’ll be more than happy to help. We want your rhinoplasty surgery to be a success so let us help if you need us

Rhinoplasty: Testimonials

At Este, we’re proud to have helped many people transform the way they look with our rhinoplasty surgery.

Take a look at our before and after photos and see the kind of results you can expect to enjoy when you choose Este. One such client is Annie Blackley – who transformed not just the way she looks, but the way she feels about herself too.

Isabella's Chin Implant & Rhinoplasty Testimonial:

Tempted? Talk to Us

We hope we’ve answered any questions you may have surrounding the rhinoplasty recovery process.

If you’re considering having this procedure and would like to find out more, get in touch with us to book in for your free consultation where we can answer any further questions you may have.

Boost your confidence, get your self-esteem back, and enjoy the nose you’ve always wanted.

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January 10, 2023

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