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What is IV Drip For? How Long Till You Feel Effects of Intravenous Therapy?
What is IV Drip For? How Long Till You Feel Effects of Intravenous Therapy?


Aug 29, 2023

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Este Medical Group

IV Drip Treatments For Beauty, Optimal Skincare & Body Wellness 

Intravenous drip therapy (i.e., IV drip treatment) is a win-win for women and men who want a non-surgical, natural, holistic treatment that addresses both health and beauty concerns at the same time!  

What is an IV Drip Used For?

IV therapy is excellent for improving the look of dull skin, eliminating fatigue, boosting poor immunity and a sluggish metabolism, detoxification + more! Let’s look at the reasons why many people turn to IV therapy to improve their looks and feel better inside and out.

IV drip therapy can be used to treat age-related concerns like:

This type of therapy is also highly effective at treating many health-related concerns for the body, specifically the immune system: 

The beauty of IV drip treatments is they deliver healing and nourishing vitamins and minerals direct to the bloodstream, as well as hydrate the body and flush out damaging toxins. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned skin or immunity issues, then IV therapy should be part of your holistic approach to boost your immune system, improve your health, and rejuvenate your appearance. 

Book an Este Medical UK IV drip consultation to find out how you can benefit from adding IV therapy to your self-care routine. 

What is an IV Drip? How Does IV Drip Work? 

IV or intravenous fluid therapy is a method of administering a customised mixture, such as medication or nutrients, directly into the bloodstream (e.g., vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes…). 

The IV method provides your body with fluid replacement and/or essential supplements through the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, for maximum hydration and absorption.

During an IV infusion or fluid drip, a small butterfly needle is inserted into a vein, usually in the arm. Are IV drips safe? Yes, professional intravenous treatments are safe; it’s a simple procedure with no downtime needed. The IV method is considered the fastest way to deliver fluids and medications throughout the body.  

IV treatments are pain-free, and take about an hour to administer. Post-treatment you can resume your regular activities. Contact Este Medical Group to book this wellness-boosting treatment in the UK.

Are IV Drips Healthy? 

IV fluid drip therapy has many health benefits. Most medical clinics should be able to customise the essential ingredients that go into your IV treatment. 

Does an IV drip hydrate you? Yes, an IV drip is a fast acting hydration treatment. If you are experiencing dehydration and fatigue (maybe hangover related), then a saline solution is ideal for intensive hydration, as sodium is an electrolyte. Your IV drip can be boosted by including essential ingredients like calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, and magnesium, all of which will enhance bodily hydration.

Looking to strengthen your immune system? Request an IV treatment that will help to fight allergies, viruses, and bacteria. For example, including vitamin C or glutathione to your IV drip will help to protect your health, boost immunity, and give your skin a natural healthy glow. If you are recovering from a long-term illness (e.g., long Covid), then regular IV therapy is a smart addition to your rehabilitation therapy.        

Book an IV fluid drip consultation with Este Medical to talk about your health needs. Let’s discuss how Este can customise your IV therapy to reach your health and aesthetic goals (e.g., IV treatment to enhance weight loss and boost metabolism).  

What Is An Iron Infusion? 

This customised IV therapy is ideal for people who have an iron deficiency, iron-deficiency anaemia, or chronic kidney disease. 

How long does an iron infusion take to work? In about one week you should start to experience an improvement. After about 2 to 3 weeks haemoglobin (i.e., the protein in red blood cells that carry oxygen) levels should see an increase. A key benefit of having an iron IV drip is the positive effects can last for several months.

If you would like to arrange a health infusion, or energy boosting IV therapy treatment with Este, then send us a message through our website to set up a booking.   

How Often Should You Get An IV Drip? 

IV drip therapy will have a cumulative, regenerative effect on your skin, body and overall health. Regular IV treatments are recommended for sustained long-term results. Este Medical will customise the most optimal IV treatment plan for you based on your health, lifestyle, and beauty goals. 

On average you should have IV drip therapy once a week to accommodate four IV infusions, then continue with IV maintenance therapy every 4 weeks, or as required. However, some treatment plans may vary depending on treatment goals and current health status. Best to contact Este Medical for an expert IV consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you. 

Are IV Drips Worth It? 

If you are looking to adopt a more holistic approach to your personal health care, or are looking for fast results (i.e., quicker than anything in pill form), then IV drip therapy is worth your serious consideration.  

Not only is IV drip therapy nourishing and healing for the body, it is also an amazing anti-ageing treatment for the skin and body. Depending on how your IV drip fluid is customised to suit your goals, it has many beauty, wellbeing, and health benefits. 

Make IV therapy part of your regular self-care routine, book an intravenous drip consultation with Este Medical Group today.

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August 29, 2023

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