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Turkey Teeth: The Truth About Dental Treatments In Turkey
Turkey Teeth


Mar 14, 2023

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Este Medical Group

It is understandable that some people are nervous about getting teeth done in Turkey, as there seems to be suspicion about Turkey teeth packages that seem so much more affordable compared to similar treatments in the UK.

When it comes to your teeth and oral health (and any other cosmetic procedure for that matter), it is vital to do your research, check online reviews, and book a treatment with a reputable dental clinic. 

What Does “Turkey Teeth” Mean? 

There is a big interest in having cosmetic dental work in Istanbul, Turkey. Specifically dental veneers and dental implants that will improve the look of your smile and overall oral health. Unfortunately, this term has some negative connotations.

Turkey Teeth often refers to dental work that has gone wrong. It tends to be used by social media influencers who have had a bad experience with dental work in Turkey.

With any cosmetic treatment or dental procedure there are some risks, but there are constructive ways you can avoid risk. Sure, there are cases in which people have had disappointing results, but that can happen anywhere in the world. 

Andrew's Before & After Turkey Teeth at Este Medical Group

To help you make a more informed decision about dental crowns, veneers and teeth implants in Turkey, we have put together a guide to help you understand what to expect and put you at ease.

There is no reason why you can’t have the best dentistry in Istanbul, Turkey as long as you take some time to find providers with good reviews and a solid history of providing quality service.

When you randomly Google Turkey teeth or teeth Turkey it is inevitable that random horror stories will pop up in your feed, and we all know there are people on the Internet who share sensational tales just for clickbait.

If you are serious about teeth in Turkey treatments, like teeth whitening, crowns, veneers or implants, then start by visiting the websites of top ranked cosmetic and dental clinics in Turkey. Also check recent online reviews, for example, if a dental clinic has a Facebook page, check the review tab for customer feedback and comments.

How To Find The Best Place To Get Teeth Done In Turkey? 

Here are common sense tips for finding the best place for quality Turkey teeth implants or dental veneers.

To find excellent service and the best treatments we recommend you ask these questions to get the most informed answers to make the right decision for your grooming and beauty goals.

Before and After - Este Turkey Results

Check clinic websites

  • Is the web content up-to-date?
  • Do they provide client before-and-after photos?
  • Do they provide an easy way for you to make contact?
  • Are prices provided online? Is a price list available? 
  • Are customer testimonials shared on the site?

Check dental clinic social media

  • Does the clinic have a Facebook page or Instagram?
  • Do they post client success stories, or share before-and-after photos?
  • Can you see customer reviews?
  • Look at how the clinic responds to customer feedback. Is it positive or negative?

Reach out to a potential clinic for information

  • Send a test email, and see how fast the clinic gets back to you.
  • Ask about prices and see how they respond.
  • Is the response clear and concise? How long did you wait for a response? 
  • Did they answer all your questions?

Check online reviews 

  • There are numerous sites available to read online customer reviews, for instance Google reviews are popular, so are Yelp and TripAdvisor. But when it comes to cosmetic and health services, we recommend you consult Trustpilot.

Never heard of Trustpilot? Well, Trustpilot is an online ratings platform that helps consumers evaluate the reputation of brands and companies. For example, businesses like Este Medical Group receive a numerical TrustScore from 1 to 5, based on how past customers have rated the business.

Este Medical has over 6,000 reviews and our Este treatments and service consistently get 5-star reviews from our clients.

Why Pay Attention To Customer Reviews About Dental Work?

Checking reviews is a smart thing to do. Ratings and online customer reviews are a good way to research dental work treatments like teeth implants in Turkey. Here’s what you should be looking for when you research reviews and client testimonial: 

  • Are the reviews mostly positive? 
  • Do they feel authentic? 
  • Are there multiple reviews for the business?
  • Does the testimonial increase your confidence?
  • Does the reviewer recommend the business? 
  • Do you feel you can trust the rating?

By conducting some proactive online research you will find out the truth about potential “Turkey teeth” providers. Good reviews and positive online comments will stand-out if you look for them.

Take the time to send emails and check Instagram accounts for positive comments and customer feedback.

A Few Este Trustpilot Reviews for Turkey Teeth:

I had my dental treatment done with Este Medical and i can say it was AMAZING right from the very start of the consultation until the very end of the appointment in Turkey.The service given here and abroad was the best, from the transport services to the actual dental service & Surgery. I had my whole smile transformed and given confidence back into my life. I would definitely recommend Este Medical as i can say as a 25yr old ALOT of trust was put into these guys to change my smile and i can happily say the trust was kept. Amazing Work. Thank you Este Medical. - Kiran
I decided to go ahead with dental implants after meeting with Ali at Este.I have had brittle teeth, and was at a stage in my life where i didn't want to socialise anymore as i was too embarrassed to speak to anyone and for them to notice my teeth. My journey at Este started in January. I went to Turkey for this.....i was so nervous but Ali and other members of Este Medical Team constantly made me feel at ease. The dentist in Turkey was amazing! In all my life i have never experienced such level of care at my dentist in the Uk unfortunately. The care was amazing. We were transferred from the hotel to the dentist for every visit aswell as being picked and dropped off at the airport. They answered all my queries promptly. I had no issues at all throughout! It is now August and i have a beautiful set of teeth! Este have helped me get my confidence back and i will forever be greatful! Thanks to everyone at really have changed my life! - Yaz
I needed extensive dental treatment and Este was recommended to me. I attended their clinic in Edgbaston Birmingham and following an examination I travelled to Istanbul shortly after. My treatment included 6 implants and 23 zirconium crowns and was split over two visits 3 months apart. I have nothing but praise for every aspect of my care and treatment. My remit was a healthy, functional mouth that looked good. The dental clinic epitomised everything good about the speciality. They were highly professional, informative and the end product was delivered as promised. My teeth look amazing. Este has taken care of every detail and I cannot speak highly enough of the company. Take a bow Estes, I am eternally grateful for your vision, clinical expertise and support throughout my journey. - Andrew
I’d like to thank Ali, Tarik, and Deniz from Este. They made my experience so much easier. I was terrified to go to Turkey for full implants top and bottom. I was first seen at Este in Birmingham by Ali.Ali checked my teeth and gums and we both decided what would be best if I flew to Turkey for my procedure. We decided full implants this is what I wanted because I have gum disease. We arranged a date I booked flights and hotel. Then off I went.My son was with me. He had a hair transplant with Este over there and it is amazing. I went for my first treatment had the teeth that I had left out, bone graft and sinus lift. I had the implants placed. Temp dentures were made and I came home, I had to wait 6 months for implants to take then went back to have my finals. I was checked on a regular basis by Ali in Birmingham branch. He reassured me all was fine. He is fantastic. I then went back for my finals and I am so happy with the results. Plus had a little sunshine Holiday at the same time. Thank you Este @ Dentavastya see you soon for my check up. - Andrea

Why Get Your Teeth Done In Turkey?

One of the big reasons people are interested in Turkey veneers and Turkey teeth implants is because the treatments are often much more affordable than in the UK.

Getting your teeth done in Turkey can have a significantly lower price tag, plus you get to have a mini-vacay in Istanbul! How much are Turkey teeth can depend on the provider.

Some Turkish dental clinics offer teeth packages, and that might be right for you, but again, we strongly recommend you do your online research to find out more about individual clinics.

Turkish Dental Treatments: Quality & Price

Two of the biggest concerns when getting teeth done in Turkey are price and quality.

When it comes to price, having dental work done in Turkey is considered more affordable compared to many dental clinics in the UK. Reasons include rents and salaries being lower, so clinics have lower overall costs and can offer more affordable prices.

Dental professionals abroad are just as educated and qualified as back home in the UK. Turkish dental professionals are considered to be highly experienced and competent in their work.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Turkey is ranked 5th in the world, so that should help put your mind at ease.

Questions of quality are also tied to how long do Turkey teeth last, and the answer is if dental work is performed at a reputable dental clinic the dental work should last many years or permanently (depending on the type of treatment).

As mentioned above, we recommend you email individual Turkish dental clinics and ask your questions.

Before and After - Este Turkey Results

Este Medical Group Dental Services in Turkey

Este Medical Turkey has a solid reputation of providing affordable and quality dental work. Our cosmetic dental work services range from crowns and veneers, to implants and teeth whitening.

Este Medical Group has a 5-star Truspilot rating and is transparent about showing client before-and-after photos online and on our social media. For our UK clients we have Este professionals in clinics all over the country who can speak to you about what to expect if you chose to have cosmetic dentistry in Turkey.

Este also shares online testimonials from clients who have had dental services in Turkey. We recommend you take a look at our latest news stories for feedback on Este Medical dental treatments at our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

Before and After - Este Turkey Results

This is also a place where you can research about other Este Medical Turkey treatments like body contouring, fat freezing, hair transplants, and life-changing skincare procedures. A journey to our clinic in Istanbul means you can have several treatments for teeth, skin, hair and/or body all in one trip!

Before you travel to Turkey for an Este Medical dental treatment, we can provide you with a UK consultation to best determine if dental veneers or dental implants are suitable for you.

Take a moment to review the pros and cons of veneers versus implants, so you can make a more informed decision. To arrange an Este Medical cosmetic dental consultation just send us a message through our website to book an appointment.

We hope that we have assured you that having successful dental work in Turkey is a reality, especially with the proper research and preparation. Dental work in Turkey is safe and affordable.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our Este Medical dental work treatments in Turkey! Contact your nearest Este UK clinic!

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March 14, 2023

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