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Mo Samuels Transforms His Hairline, Shares His Ugly Duckling Hair Transplant Moment
Mo Samuels Transforms His Hairline, Shares His Ugly Duckling Hair Transplant Moment


Feb 6, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Physique coach Mo Samuels shares what to expect during an Este Turkey hair transplant. Plus, how his hairline was transformed before and after hair grafting surgery.

See how Mo experienced his ugly duckling stage of hair grafting.

Mo spills the tea on what to expect during the normal ‘shock loss’ phase of hair transplant recovery, along with his tips on hair transplant do’s and don’ts to ensure the most successful outcome. 

Find out why Mo went with Este Medical in Turkey and took the opportunity to make himself better.

Having A Hair Transplant In Turkey at Este Medical 

“I flew to Istanbul for a hair transplant at Este Medical Turkey to restore my hairline. I chose Este Medical Group because friends recommended it and the Este online reviews were solid. I wanted to restore my natural hairline and fill in hair loss at the temples. The procedure took about 5 hours and after that I had a fresh new hairline. Looking forward to my new hair growth!” reveals Mo Samuels. 

As Mo mentioned in the video he chose not to lower his hairline, but that is an option with hair transplantation, and he was comfortable with having his head shaved for hair transplant procedure. You don’t necessarily have to shave your whole head for a transplant, Este Medical offers no shave hair transplant options like unshaven hair transplant and long hair transplant

If you are interested in no shave hair grafting or lowering hairline, then send us a message to arrange a free hair transplant consultation with Este Medical

Mo Describes the Typical ‘Ugly Duckling’ Stage of Hair Regrowth After Hair Grafting

Mo is no stranger to how empowering a physical transformation can be for an individual. At a young age Mo struggled with body image and low self-confidence resulting from illness, surgeries to his body, and weight fluctuations. He found that getting involved with bodybuilding and training gave him the confidence to proactively transform his appearance. 

So, when Mo experienced the ugly duckling stage of hair transplantation he knew it was just a temporary thing, and kept his expectations realistic while awaiting his post-hair transplant hair regrowth. 

In this video Mo shares what to typically expect in the first few months after hair transplantation. You can clearly see Mo’s hair regrowth along his hairline and temples! The hair graft surgery was a success!

If you are curious about forehead reduction with hair grafts, then arrange an Este hair restoration consultation today, and ask about our hair transplant for hairline lowering procedure.  

How Long Does The ‘Awkward Phase’ Last After A Hair Transplant For Men? 

Following a hair grafting procedure, there's a healing phase lasting around 1 to 2 weeks, during which the scalp may exhibit redness and crusting, which some people may find less visually appealing due to the aftermath of surgery. This short ‘ugly’ phase is vital for the scalp to heal and for the newly transplanted hair follicles to settle. It's a crucial part of the hair transplant process.

In the next ugly duckling hair regrowth stage: as newly transplanted hairs enter an active growth phase, they naturally undergo shedding around 2 to 3 months post-transplant. This normal hair shedding might lead to another ‘ugly duck’ phase if a significant amount of hair is shed, but it is a normal part of the active hair growth cycle post-hair transplant

Most often, hair transplant recipients are well past any awkward hair phases between the 3 and 5 month marks, with an average of about 50% new hair growth for most men.

Come To Este Medical To Transform Your Look With A Hair Transplant! 

Este Medical has a strong history of positively impacting well-being and self-confidence. We empower our clients dealing with hair loss through tailored hair grafting procedures and attentive hair transplant aftercare

Trusted by both men and women, we are the preferred choice for those seeking effective hair restoration, whether through surgical or non-surgical regrowth treatments.

Reach out to Este Medical Group, and let's embark on your hair restoration journey — a transformative experience that will enhance your appearance and give you new confidence in life!

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February 6, 2024

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