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Mo Samuels Shares Natural Transformation 5-Months After Hair Transplant
5 months Hair Transplant before and after result


Jul 4, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Popular YouTuber and physique coach @mosamuels is back sharing his hair regrowth progress!

Mo’s hair is thicker, fuller, and more touchable only 5-months after having an Este Medical hair transplant in Turkey. 

Why Did Mo Samuels Get A Hair Transplant? 

“The reason I got a hair transplant was my hair was receding at the temples and I didn’t like the way it looked. I tried to deal with my receding hair on my own, but there is only so much you can do, so I decided to have a hair transplant with Este Medical. I came to Este Medical because a friend recommended Este, as they’d had a hair transplant previously. I really like the results, it looked really good, really professional,” reveals Mo Samuels.     

Another reason Mo decided to proceed with a hair restoration procedure is the importance of looking his best in the public eye. Like many sports stars and pro athletes we work with at Este Medical Group, Mo wanted to ensure he looked great in photos and videos shared on social media.

Are you ready to enhance your looks and try the growing trend of restoring hair loss with targeted hair grafts? Book a free hair transplant consultation with Este Medical UK to determine your type of hair loss and discover the best hair grafting procedure suited to your style, grooming, and personal goals!

Mo Shares His Turkey Hair Transplant Journey 

“After consulting with hair loss experts at Este, I flew to Turkey and got the hair transplant. The experience overall was really good. The team really cared about the end results and highlighted the importance of transplant aftercare. Once I was back in Manchester I started PRP aftercare, and so far I am really happy with the results,” says Mo.    

After only five months, Mo is very happy with his hair regrowth — and this is just the beginning. Up to the one-year mark post-transplant, he can expect further hair thickening, strengthening, and increased hair volume

Now that Mo is past the ‘ugly duckling’ stage he shared with us in a previous blog, he can look forward to even more hair regrowth with the help of his Este Manchester aftercare sessions, including PRP hair injections and laser light hair therapy.

Be Proactive About Your Hair Loss 

Results like Mo’s build a strong case for having a professional hair loss consultation with Este Medical to see if you are suitable for a Turkey hair transplant. Anyone looking to thicken and strengthen their hair should consider the many options now available to restore hair loss at the temples, hairline, and crown.  

Now is the time to book a free hair regrowth consultation through our website. No matter your age or type of hair loss, Este Medical has several hair restoration options for you to choose from!

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July 4, 2024

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