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Manchester Man’s Radical Results: Before & After Cosmelan Pigmentation Peel
Before & After Cosmelan Pigmentation Peel


Aug 29, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Our Este Manchester client Prafulla can hardly believe how absolutely clear and bright his complexion is after having Este Medical pigmentation correction treatment.

The results from his depigmentation cosmelan peel are amazing! Before Prafulla’s depigmentation peel treatment, his face was peppered with lots of dark spots from his forehead to his chin, as well there were dark patches of skin that stood out. 

This kind of skin discolouration can be professionally treated! You don’t have to hide in your house or avoid special occasions because you are unhappy with your facial complexion. Book a skin pigmentation consultation at an Este Medical clinic near you

Brighter, Clearer Skin After Depigmentation Treatment at Este Medical 

After Prafulla completed his cosmelan peel treatment, his skin cleared up. His face now has a healthy bright glow, and the skin tone and texture has improved greatly. You can no longer see any dark spots or dark skin patches. 

At Este Medical we have many skin pigmentation success stories that show how effective a cosmelan peel is at correcting skin conditions like: 

Each of these skin conditions related to skin pigment can be effectively treated with cosmelan peel treatment. Find out how a cosmelan peel procedure works

Outstanding Depigmentation Success Stories

Before our Este client Razia had a cosmelan skincare treatment, she was afraid to leave the house. Find out why she chose Este Medical in Glasgow, and have a look at the results of her successful skin pigmentation correction.  

This skin transformation is astonishing! Look at how this woman’s skin was corrected with Este cosmelan treatment after experiencing severe post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) on her face and neck. 

Another client didn’t believe her extreme depigmentation treatment would work — her Este treatment was an amazing success! 

You will see remarkable results after only 1 cosmelan peel treatment! 

If you would like to share your story with one of our Este Medical skincare experts, then send us a message through our website to book a consultation. We would be happy to arrange a professional skin assessment

Why Choose Este UK for Skin Depigmentation & Skin Tone Correction? 

At Este Medical Group we have experience treating all skin tones (i.e., Indian skin, Asian skin…). See for yourself, take a look at what has been achieved for our clients: Este Cosmelan Before and After Results

Book an Este Medical cosmelan peel and let us help you discover the many benefits of cosmelan peel and what you can expect from a cosmelan treatment. 

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August 29, 2023

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