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Pigmentation Peel on Indian Skin Gives Excellent Results
Indian skin pigmentation before and after


Mar 21, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Being afraid to leave your house because of skin pigmentation is an awful thing to experience. Lucky for Razia, a friend recommended she try Este Medical for a depigmentation skincare treatment. Let’s take a look at her results 1 month post-treatment!  

Successful Depigmentation Treatment For Indian Skin 

Our client Razia was kind enough to share her Este Medical Glasgow clinic treatment experience after having a cosmelan pigmentation peel. You can see how pleased Razia is sharing her before-and-after photos; she never thought her skin could look so bright and flawless.

Here is why Razia came to Este Medical Group in Glasgow. 

“I never used to leave my home. I was depressed. My friend recommended Este Medical Group, and I had a cosmelan peel. Now my skin looks better, I feel good, I really like the results,” says Razia. 

1 Month Later, Razia’s Confidence Has Never Been Better. 

“My skin looks cleaner. Now I can leave the house — I’m extremely happy! I recommend Este Medical,” says Razia. 

How To Best Care For Indian Skin 

Indian skin tones come in a range of colours, from very light to very dark. This skin type is rich in melanin and prone to tanning. Indian skin is more likely to display under eye circles and darkness around the mouth. In general, Indian skin tends to have lots of pigmentation.

Nonetheless, Indian skin should be treated to specialised cosmetic treatments that take into account these variables. It is strongly advised you don’t take skin whitening or skin bleaching into your own hands, as many over the counter products are harsh and some can even be dangerous. When it comes to dealing with problem pigmentation and an uneven skin tone seek professional help at a cosmetic clinic like Este Medical in the UK. 

Take a look at our cosmelan peel before-and-after client photo gallery to see the range of skin tones we have treated at Este Medical clinics.

How Does A Cosmelan Peel Work?

A cosmelan peel works on so many levels, and for all types of skin and levels of pigmentation across all ages. It is a really effective and skin-safe treatment for pigmentation.

The peel’s azelaic acid and kojic acid target the cells responsible for pigmentation. As a result, the treatment area will lighten (especially over several sessions), and the skin tone will balance out along with the appearance of skin discolouration.

Este Medical Group offers two proven depigmentation treatments that can help you improve the look of your skin and boost your confidence! 

Cosmelan Peel

A cosmelan peel’s ingredients target the cells that give skin its pigment and help to inhibit melanin production. The peel’s special acid ingredients work together to even out skin tone and brighten the treatment area. 

Laser Treatment

A Harmony XL Pro Laser is used to shatter melanin pigment which helps to reduce and even eliminate hyperpigmentation and age spots. With treatment uneven skin tone will improve and look brighter.

Find out which skincare pigmentation treatment is best suited for you with an Este Visia Digital Skin Analysis (the best way to assess the extent of your skin pigmentation and sun damage). You can request a skincare consultation through our website.

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March 21, 2023

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