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Jasmin Recommends Este Alopecia Treatment For Peace Of Mind & Successful Results!
Jasmin Recommends Este Alopecia Treatment For Peace Of Mind & Successful Results!


Jan 2, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Jasmin’s hair restoration journey with Este Medical beautifully illustrates the profound healing power of compassionate care and dedicated attention, proving that kindness can be as restorative as any hair loss treatment.

“If you are experiencing alopecia, I would absolutely recommend you go have a hair loss consultation with Este Medical,” recommends Jasmin. 

The Secret to Jasmin’s Successful Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

About a year ago, Jasmin was concerned with a small patch of missing hair at the back of her head that was spreading rapidly and increasing in severity. She knew she had to seek professional help, that’s when she turned to Este Medical Group in the UK for help and started professional alopecia hair regrowth treatment

“I got an alopecia patch on the back of my head, the whole experience made me feel very very low. The patch of missing hair just got larger and larger. I then discovered Este Medical and had a hair loss consultation, after which I started Este UK alopecia treatments pretty much straight away.
It did take a couple of months before I started to see significant results, but coming to Este Medical during my hair loss ordeal gave me peace of mind. Over the weeks coming to Este, having the hands-on treatment and the support, having them talk to me about how I’m feeling, about what’s going on, made all the difference,” says Jasmin.  

As a result of Jasmin's Este hair loss consultation, she started on a program of combined non-surgical treatments for alopecia, including derma roller scalp therapy, laser hair growth treatments, and one of the best treatments for alopecia Exciplex light therapy (i.e., autoimmune skin treatment). 

Unsure if you are suffering from alopecia areata or other types of alopecia, then schedule a free Este Medical hair loss consultation and let’s get started on a customised hair loss treatment for your type of alopecia. 

Restore Your Peace Of Mind With Restorative Hair Loss Treatments That Work! 

During Jasmin's weeks of hair loss treatments for alopecia, she underwent a remarkable transformation. Beyond just recovering from alopecia, she discovered personal resilience through the empowering support she received at her local Este Medical clinic.

Jasmin's recommendation strongly highlights the invaluable peace of mind she found in her regular visits to Este — absolute proof that kindness and compassion can have a transformative impact on final outcomes when it comes to cosmetic and medical treatments.   

Alopecia Can Be Treated! Put Your Trust In Este To Restore Your Hair Loss

Este Medical offers the most comprehensive and compassionate treatments for alopecia, as well as other hair restoration treatments for men and women, such as DHI and FUE hair transplants, PRP and PRF, and mesotherapy for hair loss and hair maintenance. 

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December 15, 2023

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