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Is It Possible To Regrow Hair Without Hair Transplant?
Regrow Hair Without Hair Transplant


Jan 16, 2024

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Este Medical Group

For men and women experiencing hair loss and looking for non-surgical alternatives there are ways to regrow hair without surgery. Depending on your type of hair loss and how severe your hair loss is, a hair and scalp specialist may recommend you combine your non-invasive hair treatments for the best and fastest hair regrowth results. 

Not every instance of hair loss requires a hair transplant procedure.

Here are several proven hair loss solutions on how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally — they include shampoo for regrowing hair, derma rolling scalp, laser hair regrowth therapy, and PRP & PRF hair injection treatments along with hair loss mesotherapy

Effective Non-Invasive Hair Treatments for Women & Men

Let’s start with at-home treatments for hair loss that will compliment professional non-surgical treatments for regrowing hair and improving blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. 

What is the best shampoo for regrowing hair at home? 

Specialised shampoos for hair loss contain ingredients that help improve scalp health, promote blood circulation, and strengthen and thicken hair follicles. Anti-hair loss shampoo products help to control fungal issues, encourage hair growth, and combat hair follicles from ageing. A hair loss shampoo can create a more conducive environment for healthier hair growth and will complement other hair loss treatments like hair loss derma rolling and Minoxidil hair therapy

Did you know that Este Medical now has an effective anti-hair loss shampoo you can use at home! The Este Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo comprises a sophisticated blend of clinically proven ingredients, featuring keratin, biotin, niacin, Procapil, folic acid, ginseng and ginkgo, and B5 provitamin. Learn more about how our Este hair loss shampoo can benefit you!  

Can a derma roller regrow hair? 

There is evidence that supports derma rolling the scalp for hair loss is effective, especially in combination with other hair loss treatments. The derma roller device provides a microneedling function that helps to stimulate hair growth. 

When you use a derma roller on the scalp’s surface, it creates micro openings (i.e., microneedling) that help deliver hair growth treatments like Minoxidil directly to the skin and hair follicles. This hair regrow method supports a comprehensive approach to regrowing hair and can be done at home with proper instruction. 

If you would like to learn how to best derma roll your scalp to regrow hair naturally, we recommend you have a free Este hair care consultation to determine the best combination of hair regrowth therapies.  

Can Minoxidil regrow hair? Yes, this hair loss drug can prolong the growth phase of hair follicles, increase hair thickness, and stimulate hair regrowth by improving blood flow to the scalp. Book an Este hair loss appointment to discuss how Minoxidil can benefit your type of hair loss!  

Can bald hair regrow? 

Non-surgical medical clinic hair loss procedures like laser light hair regrowth therapy and PRF and PRP hair injection treatments can assist in regrowing hair or slowing down hair loss. The effectiveness of non-surgical hair loss treatments will vary based on individual factors such as the cause of baldness and its extent. These hair regrowth treatments for men and women are well known to help stimulate hair follicles and strengthen existing hair. 

Understanding your type of baldness is vital for successful hair restoration. A professional hair loss assessment for balding, at a reputable clinic like Este Medical, is the best way to identify the type of balding you are experiencing and the best hair loss regrowth methodology. 

How to regrow hair after pregnancy?

Here are expert tips on how to regrow thinning hair female. Postnatal hair loss is a fairly common concern for females. It's common to experience hair shedding and thinning after pregnancy for about a year. If your hair hasn't returned to its typical fullness after this time, consider these solutions for post-pregnancy hair loss: 

We understand that after having a baby you will want the most skin-safe and non-invasive hair treatments to restore your hair. Este Medical hair loss experts are experienced with addressing female hair loss as well as postnatal female concerns. Send us a message through our website to let us know how we can help you with post-pregnancy hair conditions: free hair loss consultation for women.  

Can I regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks? 

Yes, you can certainly make an excellent start with a comprehensive hair loss treatment plan that combines at home hair care combined with professional hair loss treatments that are non surgical. 

Let Este Medical Group help you lay the foundation for successful hair regrowth. Our expert hair thickening tips, hair thinning treatments, and hair regrowth therapies will help halt hair loss and restore hair loss in record time! 

You can regrow hair with non-surgical and surgical hair loss treatments provided by Este Medical in the UK and worldwide at one of our many Este clinics. 

To arrange for a non-invasive solution to your hair loss at one of our medical clinics in Turkey, Kenya, Bangladesh and Albania, as well as Este in the USA (Este New York is now open!), take the first step toward your hair restoration journey by sending a hair loss appointment request to Este Medical Group now.

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January 16, 2024

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