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How to Stop Hair Growth on Face & Chin
How to Stop Hair Growth on Face & Chin


Nov 7, 2023

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Este Medical Group

A proven solution for unwanted hair on the face is laser hair removal.

The procedure is not that different from laser hair removal body treatments.  

For women and men dealing with excessive and unwanted hair growth on their faces it’s good to know that there is a practical and permanent treatment, facial laser hair removal, that goes beyond what shaving, hair tweezing, and facial waxing could ever accomplish.  

We hope our guide to facial hair removal will help people of all genders manage and reduce unwanted and excessive facial hair, and come to better understand the real life benefits of laser hair removal

Facial laser hair removal treatments can target unwanted hair over the lip and around the mouth, on the chin and cheeks, between the eyebrows, at the nose and ears, and along and down the neck area. 

You can book a free hair removal consultation with Este Medical in the UK to discuss reducing and eliminating hair on your body and face. 

Before and After Facial Laser Hair Removal at Este
Before and After Facial Laser Hair Removal at Este

Guide To Eliminating Excess Hair Growth On Face

Let’s start by talking about why women and some men may want to remove or reduce excessive facial hair. 

Excessive Female Hair Growth Concerns

Since ancient times female body hair growth has been a cosmetic issue women have sought solutions for with beeswax and sugar based waxes to abrasive pumice stones.

These days women don’t have the time or patience for these old world remedies; these days modern women can visit a cosmetic clinic to get rid of female lower back hair and stop hair from growing on legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and face (e.g., chin hair, lip hair) with laser hair removal devices like the ones Este Medical uses. 

Este UK clinics use the latest skin-safe hair removal technology: Soprano Platinum and Soprano Titanium machines. Non-invasive laser hair removal is a fast and safe way to reduce unwanted hair and hair growth. 

Before and After Facial Laser Hair Removal at Este
Before and After Facial Laser Hair Removal at Este

Excess Facial Hair Women: Causes & Treatment

What is the reason behind excessive facial hair for women? Excessive facial hair growth in women, a condition known as hirsutism, can be attributed to a variety of factors. Causes of hirsutism (most often noticeable around the mouth and chin) are mainly linked to an excess of male hormones (i.e., androgens), primarily testosterone.

When it comes to hair growth on women's faces, hirsutism is identified by stiff, thick, or dark hair, appearing on the skin where women don't commonly have hair growth — primarily the face, chest, and lower back for example.  

Can you get rid of hirsutism? Yes, hirsutism can be treated, but it may not be completely eliminated. Treatment options can include medication to regulate hormones, and hair removal methods like professional laser hair removal to reduce excessive facial or body hair.

The effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on the underlying cause of hirsutism, we recommend you book an Este Medical consultation to discuss how our UK laser hair removal treatments can benefit you. 

The common reasons for excessive facial hair in women are

  • Ageing: As women age, their hormone levels change, leading to changes in hair growth patterns. Women often notice an increase in facial hair as they get older (see menopause). 
  • Hormonal Imbalances: One of the most common causes of hirsutism is hormonal imbalances, such as elevated levels of androgens (male hormones) like testosterone. Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can lead to increased androgen production and excessive facial hair growth.  
  • Family History: Genetics plays a role in determining hair growth patterns. If other women in a woman's family have experienced hirsutism, there is an increased likelihood that she may also develop excessive facial hair.  
  • Medications: Certain medications, such as anabolic steroids or medications with hormonal effects, can contribute to unwanted facial hair growth.  

Treatment options for excessive facial hair in women can include medications to regulate hormone levels, as well as hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, and facial laser hair removal.

Excessive Hair Growth In Men: Why Have Laser Hair Removal?  

Males tend to seek out professional laser hair removal to permanently remove facial hair for aesthetic reasons. Laser hair removal for men can be used to remove hair from the face, chest, back, and other body parts. 

Excessive hair growth in men is a common and natural occurrence, typically driven by male hormones (androgens) and genetics. It can result in dense and thick hair growth on areas like the face, chest, back, and arms.

Whether it’s to reduce bushy eyebrows or remove a monobrow, or help shape the lines of a beard, laser hair removal for males is more effective and long lasting than shaving or tweezing. 

Top Tips On How To Find A Laser Hair Removal Clinic In The UK. See our Este Medical advice to find the best laser hair removal clinic for face and body treatments. 

How To Stop Hair Growth On The Face

To stop hair growth on the face, you can try at-home methods like shaving, waxing, or using hair removal creams. 

The best option is professional laser hair removal for the face, which is a more permanent solution than shaving for example. In some cases, medications may help reduce facial hair growth, but it's important to consult with a doctor for the best approach based on your medical history.

We recommend you arrange a free facial hair removal consultation with one of our hair removal experts at Este UK! 

Let Este Medical Help You To Stop Hair Growing On Face 

We understand how emotional it can be to live with visible facial hair that is unwanted, or how challenging it can be to transition to a hair-free face

At Este Medical Group we have tons of male and female client recommendations — look at our 5-star Trustpilot recommendations for laser hair removal! 

Arrange a hair removal appointment today, and make a start on eliminating unwanted facial hair with Este UK laser treatments!

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November 7, 2023

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