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Underarm Laser Hair Removal: What You Need To Know
Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Underarms


May 4, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Armpit grooming trends always seem to be in flux — sometimes armpit hair is fashionable, and sometimes it’s criticised. Whatever the current style, if you don’t like having armpit hair, then professional underarm laser hair removal is an excellent way to deal with unwanted armpit hair.

In the long run, the cost of underarm laser hair removal works out to be much lower than neverending wax sessions for life, and the environmental cost of disposable plastic razors.

To help you understand that laser hair removal is the best long-term solution to dealing with unwanted armpit hair, we’ve pulled together underarm hair removal tips and info for you to learn more about the benefits of underarm laser hair removal.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Underarms

Women and men both suffer equally when it comes to unwanted hair on the body. Committing to laser treatments means permanent hair removal; good riddance to time-consuming shaving, plucking, or waxing. Weekly, and even daily armpit shaving is a major aggravation, as well as an unending chore. It’s time to make a commitment to permanent hair removal ladies and gents.

Laser hair removal on the body is highly successful and effective. Laser treatments target actively growing hair to produce the best results: the laser device heats the whole hair shaft which weakens the hair follicle causing it to detach from the shaft, as a result hair will not grow back in the laser treated area. Here are several benefits to armpit hair removal:

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Softer underarm skin
  • Reduced body odour
  • Reduced dark shadow under the arm
  • Resolve darker skin pigmentation in area
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Able to wear more skin exposing tops
  • Reduces ingrown hairs
  • Red carpet and gym ready at all times
  • Better fake tan application in this area
  • Long-term, cost-effective hair removal

What Concerns Are There With Armpit Hair Removal?

Let’s dispel any concerns you might have about underarm laser hair removal, starting with skin tone concerns.

Can laser hair removal lighten underarms? Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the underarm area can often look darker or discoloured with hair stubble. You might be surprised to learn that the application of hot wax can cause mild inflammation leading to dark underarms, a good reason to switch to laser hair removal for the underarms and other sensitive areas of the body.

Laser hair removal of the armpits may create a lighter complexion by removing the hair and follicles from underneath the skin. So, in answer to the question, does laser hair removal get rid of dark underarms?, it does have some effect.

Are dark underarms after laser hair removal a thing? In some cases, the underarm area may darken temporarily after laser treatment. Another factor that plays a role is whether you avoid sun exposure before or after a laser treatment. To prevent darkening, avoid sun exposure and sunbeds for around 4-6 weeks prior to your laser treatment.

It is also best to avoid sun exposure after treatment. Your skincare provider and laser hair removal technician will provide you with an aftercare plan to follow. And as we touched on above about, does laser hair removal remove dark underarms?, laser hair removal treatments can help with the lightening of the armpit area.

Does laser hair removal hurt underarms?

Laser hair removal is relatively pain-free, however the underarm area might be a bit more sensitive depending on your level of sensitivity.

At Este Medical we do everything necessary to make sure our clients are relaxed and feel as little discomfort as possible. Most clients report that laser hair removal feels like an elastic band flicking over your skin, and that the discomfort only lasts a few seconds.

Will I get itchy underarms after laser hair removal?

You might, but that depends on a few things like how much you sweat, if you are using perfumed deodorants that irritate, or wearing tight synthetic fabrics close to the treatment area.

The best thing to do after your armpit laser hair removal treatment is let the skin of your underarm rest and repair. Some people may feel a little itchy after an armpit treatment, but it is important to resist the urge to scratch.

Since we brought up sweat, many people have this question: does laser hair removal underarms reduce sweat? Underarm laser hair removal can help reduce sweat; however, it does not stop sweat from forming.

Additional treatments like Botox injections will be more effective if excessive sweating (i.e., hyperhidrosis) is a concern. We recommend you look into our Este Medical excessive sweating treatment for help.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal Underarm?

It’s not that hard to prepare for this type of hair removal treatment, so don’t worry about it too much.

  • Avoid tanning or use of tanning creams before the appointment
  • Shave the day before, especially if you are prone to razor burn or rashes when shaving
  • Don’t wax or pluck before laser treatment
  • Avoid deodorants, creams, or lotions in the treatment area
  • Wear a loose fitting top to avoid chafing the armpit area after treatment  

Should I shave my underarms before laser hair removal? Yes, we do recommend that you shave the day or night before your treatment. We advise you to book an armpit laser hair removal consultation to get all the information about what to do before and after your hair removal session. We will be happy to discuss your customised laser hair removal underarms aftercare plan.

How Many Sessions Of Laser Hair Removal For Underarms?

This is a smart question, and there is a good reason why it can take several treatment sessions to fully remove all unwanted hair from a particular body part (e.g., armpits). For laser hair removal to be fully successful, the hairs being ‘zapped’ by the laser must be in a stage of active growth (i.e., anagen phase of growth).

As each hair grows at a different rate, it is impossible to target all the hair in the treatment area in one treatment session. For example, some armpit hair might be in the active growth stage, while some hairs will be in the resting stage.

How long does laser hair removal take underarms? The treatment timeline will vary from person to person; on average it will take about 6-8 laser treatments with 6 weeks in between each session to allow for each hair follicle to be targeted in the right stage of the growth cycle.

The reason why laser hair removal can take a bit of time is that only 20% of your hair is in the active growth stage at one time. Only hair in the active stage can be effectively targeted by laser treatment. The good news is you will be rebooked for further laser hair removal treatments to capture the remaining hairs as they enter their active growth cycle.

How long does underarm laser hair removal last? This treatment is effective for over a year or more, and we recommend laser follow-up treatment to eliminate any stray or new hairs. Follow-up laser treatments are a good idea to maintain long-term results.

By the time you have your final armpit laser hair removal session, you will see a massive reduction in visible hair and hair growth in the treatment area.

Special Consideration: Underarm Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Most doctors will advise against laser hair removal during pregnancy. We do not recommend laser hair treatment sessions in the first trimester of pregnancy, but if you want to have or continue with hair removal treatment during the second and third trimesters we strongly recommend you secure approval from your medical provider prior to booking any beauty or grooming treatments.

In that case, when it comes to underarm laser hair removal while breastfeeding, again we recommend that you consult with your family doctor prior to booking a treatment session for hair removal. There is strong consensus that laser hair removal while breastfeeding is okay as long as it is not done on breast tissue. We recommend you ask your doctor about underarm hair removal and breastfeeding. Based on clinical evidence, laser hair removal is safe for underarms in general.

It Is Time To Make A Commitment To Laser Hair Removal!

At Este Medical we acknowledge your desire to remove hair from your body is a personal choice, and we are here to support you on that journey.

Send us a message through our website so we can talk about the best underarm laser hair removal treatment we have to offer!

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May 4, 2023

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