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How To Lighten Armpit Pigmentation. Results of Underarm Peel
How To Lighten Armpit Pigmentation. Results of Underarm Peel


Oct 19, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Astounding skin lightening results for an Este Glasgow client who had underarm dermamelan peel treatment for severely dark hyperpigmentation and discolouration in the armpit area. 

Before and After Results
Before and After Results

You can see in the before photo how dark the skin is in the treatment area. The skin of this armpit is a mix of uneven colours, from red looking skin to dark brown almost dark grey skin. This discoloured patch of underarm skin doesn’t look very healthy or vibrant. 

In the armpit depigmentation after treatment photo, you can see a huge improvement to the skin tone from having armpit dermamelan peel to lighten the skin in this area. The armpit skin now looks much more normal and in harmony with the body’s overall skin tone. 

What Does Armpit Skin Lightening Do?   

At Este Medical we use skin-safe lightening treatments, like the effective dermamelan peel for intimate areas (e.g., bikini line, underarm area), as it is not uncommon for these two areas to look darker due to hyperpigmentation.  

The dermamelan peel treatment is specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation and general discolouration in the armpit and along the bikini line. This intimate peel uses a special combination of active ingredients like kojic acid and phytic acid to reduce skin discolouration and even out skin tone. 

Dermamelan peels are safe for all skin types, and can target unwanted skin pigmentation on the underarm, inner thighs, groin area, and bikini line.

What Are Benefits Of Dermamelan Armpit Peel?  

Because a professional dermamelan peel uses skin-safe ingredients, you will see quick and long-lasting results with an Este UK dermamelan peel. 

  • Better skin hydration  
  • Pore size reduced
  • Peel regulates oily skin (i.e., sebum production)
  • Peel refreshes and rejuvenate the skin’s surface
  • Armpit skin tone is improved and looks lighter 

Beware of skin bleaching products that are not professionally formulated, as prolonged exposure to skincare products that use harsh chemicals can cause skin rashes, scarring, and skin thinning unfortunately. 

The best way to get brighter and healthier armpit skin is by having a professional, proven Este Medical Group skincare treatment. Book your UK dermamelan peel today!    

How Soon For Results From Armpit Lightening Treatment? 

There are two parts to the procedure. The first part involves a professional applying the depigmenting formula to the affected areas (i.e., armpits, bikini area). The second part involves you continuing treatment at home following professional direction from the medical clinic. 

In general, you should start to see treatment results in about two weeks, seeing more visibly clear and brighter-looking skin. Over the next month you should experience ongoing improvement in the treatment area. 

Don’t Keep Covered Up! Treat Uneven Skin Tone With Este’s UK Depigmentation Treatments 

If you are embarrassed or concerned about exposing your armpits or pubic area, then you should consider having intimate skin lightening treatments at an Este Medical clinic near you

Contact Este Medical for an intimate armpit or bikini area lightening consultation.

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October 19, 2023

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