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New Treatment Alert! Intimate Bikini Line Lightening
Intimate Bikini Line Lightening


Mar 16, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Finally, a skin-safe professional treatment to lighten intimate parts like the bikini line and underarm area. It is not uncommon for these two areas to appear darker in skin tone due to hyperpigmentation.

A dark bikini line can be caused by genetics, shaving (i.e., skin friction), diabetes and related medications like insulin, as well as other health issues. A popular skincare treatment for discoloured armpits and the bikini line is a Dermamelan Peel.

Dermamelan Peel Skin-Lightening Treatment For Intimate Areas

At Este Medical Group, our intimate Dermamelan Peel treatment is specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation and general discolouration at the underarms and the bikini line.

This type of skincare peel uses a unique combination of active ingredients like kojic acid and phytic acid to effectively reduce discolouration and even out skin tone. Dermamelan Peel treatments have been proven effective and are long lasting.

Benefits Of Dermamelan Peel

There are benefits to having a professional Dermamelan Peel treatment, including: 

  • Hydration: skin is better hydrated 
  • Pores: pore size is reduced
  • Oily skin: peel helps to regulate sebum production
  • Skin health: peel helps refresh and rejuvenate the skin’s surface
  • Colour: skin tone is improved and more even with treatment
Dermamelan Intimate Peel

How Can A Dermamelan Peel Help Me?

This skincare peel is safe for all skin types and will target unwanted dark skin pigmentation on the bikini line, inner thighs and groin area (i.e., the lowest part of the abdomen). It can also be used safely on dark armpits and other intimate areas of the body.

If you are unhappy with dark or discoloured areas of skin in intimate areas of the body, then we recommend you book an Este Dermamelan Peel consultation to arrange a treatment plan.

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March 16, 2023

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