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How To Grow A Beard: Essential Guide To Enhancing Beard Growth
How To Grow A Beard: Essential Guide To Enhancing Beard Growth


Mar 14, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Males often grow beards as an expression and reflection of their personal style, embracing facial hair as a magnetic accessory in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and aesthetics. 

A beard goes a long way to enhance individuality and improve personal appearance. But for many males, growing a thick full beard can be challenging if hair growth is sparse or lacking in some places. Let the hair experts at Este Medical Group guide you towards achieving the facial hair you want to express your unique style and reach your grooming goals! 

Expert Advice On How To Grow A Beard

To encourage beard growth at home, consume a healthy food diet rich in vitamins and proteins to support hair growth. Additionally, keep your skin clean, moisturised, and exfoliated to promote optimal conditions for beard growth.

Patience is key, as beard growth rates vary, but regular grooming and beard trimming can help maintain a tidy appearance during the growth process.

Before and After Beard Hair Transplant at Este Medical Group

To ensure your skin is in optimal condition for beard growth, check out our Facial Care Tips for Men.  

Here are Este Medical skincare products we recommend to keep your skin clean, fresh, and renewed — all combined, they will help to support growing a beard:

  • EP Iconic Cleanser 
  • EP Deluxe Moisturizer
  • EP Hyaluronic Solution
  • EP Exfoliation AHA/BHA

These high-performance skincare products are for all genders and were created especially by Este Medical Group to revitalise, restore, and protect your skin. Learn more about the full range of Este Plus skincare and how to order EP exclusively from Este Medical.  

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard? 

On average, it takes around 2 to 5 months to grow a full beard, though the timeline varies among individuals. The speed of beard growth can be influenced by factors such as race, age, health, genetics, as well as male hair loss conditions like alopecia. Patience and consistent hair care (and skincare!) are key to achieving a well-developed beard over time. 

If you are concerned about hair loss issues, or have a history of patchy beard growth in your family, we recommend you book a free hair consultation with Este to determine what might be slowing down your beard growth. 

Before and After Beard Transplant at Este Medical Group

How Hair Grows In Stages 

At this point, it is helpful to know about the growing a beard stages. All hair growth, even beard hair follicles, follow a natural growth cycle.  

Your hair growth cycle consists of several stages:

  • Anagen: This is the active growth phase. Most of the time your hair follicles are in this stage.
  • Catagen: A brief transitional phase lasting about ten days. Hair is not actively growing longer in this stage.
  • Telogen: The resting stage of hair growth cycle. Your hair growth is having a break so to speak. 
  • Exogen: Following the resting period, some hair might shed, but new hair is on the grow, unless you are dealing with a hair loss or hair growth issue. 

Reasons you can't grow a beard might be related to getting older, family history of hair loss, hormones, stress, poor diet, or your lifestyle. Don’t let something fixable slow down your beard goals! Contact Este Medical Group and schedule a beard hair growth consultation for free!   

Why Can't I Grow A Beard? 

Patchy and uneven facial hair growth poses a challenge when attempting to grow a full beard or moustache. This can be influenced by genetic factors and may also be linked to several causes of hair loss in males.

Uneven, sparse beard hair can make achieving a full and consistent beard nearly impossible without the assistance of professional hair growth treatments and tools. 

To grow beard faster we recommend you consider the following hair follicle treatments to trigger your body’s anagen active hair growth stage. The following hair and beard treatments will also help to lengthen the hair growth phase. 

  • Beard derma rolling for new hair growth 
  • PRP for beard hair growth
  • PRF for beard growth 
  • Laser hair therapy for beard  

Still have questions on how to grow beard quickly? Send us a message through our Este website and book a free beard growth consultation today!  

Before and After Beard and Hair Transplant at Este Medical Group

Can I Get A Beard Transplant? 

In an Este Medical hair growth consultation, we will explore various non-surgical hair growth therapies (i.e., PRP, PRF, laser, minoxidil) to enhance facial hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. If a beard transplant is considered the optimal solution for achieving your desired beard, we will thoroughly discuss the details and considerations involved in a beard grafting procedure.

Your Path To A Full Beard Starts With Este 

Este Medical Group has several proven hair treatment options to boost your facial hair growth, including taking a trip to Turkey for beard transplantation if necessary. 

At Este, we take pride in our ability to assist individuals in achieving their desired look through a diverse range of safe and effective non-surgical and cosmetic surgery procedures for hair, body and skin. Elevate your appearance to its fullest potential with the perfect full beard — let us guide you there!

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March 14, 2024

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